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WSW/HAL/ACL Ticketing S3 Thread

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The Ticketmaster member site is currently experiencing high volumes of traffic.
We will continue to queue you until a spot becomes available.
To avoid losing your spot in the queue, please do not hit the back button or refresh this page

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Just got in. Started using Explorer which didn't work, then went on to chrome and that let me in.


dumped explorer and got through. only single ticket (rbb) for Guangzhou at this stage (6yo coming for the game in school hols, so need other tickets together)

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How hard can it be...

Obviously you haven't bought WSW tickets online before lol



Don't need to, have season tickets...


Only had to for last years ACL & Sydney Derby, but seemed easier than this time.

All good now, happy with my tickets.

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finally done, chaos looking for direct link, entering random barcode numbers  :ninja: , and then trying to remember ticketdisasters password and then having to reset that password and then having to enter personal details and address again and then having to change my phone number because it doesnt have the 02 in the front and then......................

that is all :)

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Just bought, but for some reason it doesnt show up in the "order history" in your profile settings in ticketmaster... 


Also doesnt appear you can print these tickets at the moment...

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