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Around the Bloc S03E07: Min. Power

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Around the Bloc S03E07: Min. Power


Well, the Wanderers lost again this week – but given the team line up, is there anything really to worry about? The attitudes of the team and fans alike are positive, but some improvement has to be on the cards.


We found that the podcast needed some improving too, so we introduce Question of the Week on this show, and I give a long, detailed history of podcasting which I’m sure is going to be as much fun for you to listen to as I had telling it, and I didn’t even insult anyone in the process. Well, I don’t think I did – I’ll keep an eye on twitter though. There’s that, W-League, Youth League, Nikminnit and all the other stuff on this weeks episode of Around the Bloc.


On iTunes or your podcast app or on our website here:


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fyi to everyone. Don't wait for the post here on the forums for the podcast release. It gets released overnight every Tuesday so when you wake up the episode will be on our website on Wednesday morning (06:30am to be exact).


So if you download direct, just go to our website on Wed morning and it'll be there. Or obviously it'll be on your podcast app/iTunes overnight.




edit: because we don't always get a chance to create the thread early on in the day, we don't want you all to miss out on the episode if you rely on this thread every week :)

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Good show boys.


Nick, stop ruining the Simpsons quotes, if you're gonna do them, do them properly lol

I should stop altogether I think....



































LOL no chance :rofl:

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