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Wanderers Youth Vs Melbourne City Youth 7/12/2014 10:00AM


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So that's a 3 hour wait for the W league to kick off. That's a tough sell to get people down for the double header

Yep idiotic by the FFA, **** they are just so stupid sometimes! Do they think we have nothing to do during the festive season that we can watch two games spread out over 7 hours?

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that's ridiculous isn't it.


If weather is decent I'm going to take my older daughter to her first ever W-League game.


I'm psyched ......... but hope she lasts more than ten minutes.


Goes alright at Powerchair but ever since minions turned up to promote their movie I'm unconvinced its about the football  :unknw:

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1- glory , 2- M city, 3- roar and we are in fourth.


I don't know all there names. I think kwabe was RW and Kuzi on the left. From memory Kwabe set both goals up from good runs down the right. Lo was somewhere inMidfield. Perkatis was in the backs and our usual keeper.

Someone smarter than me could probably workout the line up.

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