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Around the Bloc S03E10: No Money, Mo' Problems

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Around the Bloc S03E10: No Money, Mo' Problems


Well, the Wanderers lost two games in the last week, and to top it off, the players are having issues with the clubs owners about their bonuses for playing in the Club World Cup… That’s right, the Wanderers are playing in the Club World Cup! We start off against a Mexican team, once we Cruz through them, things will get Real… really Real. After we Bale them over, we've got one game to win before we’re champions of the world.


Easier said than won eh?


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If there'd been two teams at the start, I don't think the WS team would have been as successful somehow.

I think firstly that the anger from the nsl followers has subsided a little to allow a bit more positivity around us from that section of the football public.

We also would have had a club dictated by the FFA completely as to colours etc etc. I don't think it would have had the same community vibe.

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I agree. I'm also glad the Rovers bid fell through. It just made us even more hungry for a WS team and when the Wanderers were born the FFA were forced to ask the people and get it right because the HAL was on the ropes at the time.

But starting from scratch in Season 1? All the bitters would have ignored it and it would be similar to SFC imo.

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Hey man I'm keeping the people happy with their questions okay lol.

I tried to answer them but probably went off course and rambled on. Room for improvement I say.


Everyone's got a view on two Sydney teams from the start, but like I said you'd then need a north and south team as well and that's four teams from what's considered "Sydney". Would make derby's more exciting, but no real 'hate' towards either team as you'd all be from a neutral stance.


Sydney FC AKA "Bling FC against the new boys Western Sydney AKA "The People's Club", you've got an instant reason to hate or bag out each other.



As for the DJ'ing question, that's from my almost 10 years of being a DJ etc. I'm no Nikki Nova though dude hahaha

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Finished listening this morning great job as always guys.


Hey pistola I used to play trumpet in a ska band. :lol:

I never used it as a beer bong. But I did used to use a schooner glass as a mute... and it's copped it's fair share of beer showers haha.

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