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2014/15 Feedback

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Hey Guys,


We are well underway in our planning for next season (not that we have given up on this season just yet...) and I wanted to create a thread for you guys to provide us with some feedback about everything happening at the club. What are your thoughts on Membership, Match Day, club communications etc, what we are doing well, what we can improve on and the like.


Whilst I did successfully take Hyde United from the Northern Conference to the Premier League in Football Manager 2009, unfortunately I cannot make any changes to the onfield performance.


We will look to be getting a survey out to speak to greater membership and fanbase but I wanted to provide you guys with an opportunity to get anything off your chest.


If you want to send anything privately do not hesitate to shoot me through a DM and I am more than happy to respond.




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There are a few things in there that might be useful.
2014/15 Feedback List

This is a feedback list collated from this thread:
2014/15 Feedback

Supporter Engagement:

  • When will more supporter forums be held?
  • Why haven't these been organised on a regular schedule?
  • Fan representation on board/inside the club.
  • Will the club make an attempt to be more proactive and transparent in regards to any future issues that will cause problems for the membership?


  • Why hasn't the club taken advantage of the ACL win to produce more merchandise?
  • More womens cut everything.
  • More casual merch.
  • Why has the club decided to limit the ACL shirt in such a small quantity?
  • Why did the club wait so long to bring out an ACL shirt?
  • Why did the club not release the price with the initial contact?
  • Has any planning gone into improvements in merchandising?

Match Day "experience":

  • Why does the club persist in blasting loud music prior to the game?
  • Is the club looking to replace the existing ground announcer.
  • Will the club replace the existing ground annoucer with Steve Allen.
  • Why does Parramatta Stadium resist their legal obligations in regards to providing water to patrons and has the club brought this up with the Stadium?
  • Is it possible to open up the RBB end after the game starts, like in Season 1?
  • Can the club tell the FFA "no thanks" to the "face off" they seem to have mandated for rivalry games?

Supporter communication:

  • Is there any likelihood of improved social media support for the W-League & Youth League?
  • Has the club looked at any plan to improve their overall speed and information sharing on social media & email?
  • A digital download for the match day program.
  • Are the new owners going to produce/share their goals, visions and plans for the club?
  • What role do the other board members apart from Lederer have at the club?

Ticketing & Ticketmaster:

  • Explain how ticketmaster, a company dedicated to selling tickets, is unable to provide people with tickets prior to games.
  • Does the club receive apologies or discounts from Ticketmaster for their failures?
  • Has Ticketmaster taken any steps at all to prevent these issues from reoccuring?
  • Why does ticketmaster/the club create artifical scarcity in any already scarce market with annoying tactics like holding back ticket blocks?
  • What happened to the buy back scheme?
  • Why did Penrith Panthers stadium perform so badly in terms of gate access & ticket booths?
  • Is the club ready to ensure the vast majority of members next season receive their packs & cards well before the first match of the season?
  • Can membership transfer tickets be emailed?

Match Locations

  • Will the club commit to expanding it's workforce to ensure the myriad of issues raised in the above list are worked upon and improved for Season 4 of the club's existence?Was the Penrith match a one-off or will the club be moving games there again next season?If no, does the club have any stadiums it might want to play games away from Parramatta?Does the club still say '#NoToANZ' despite continual attempts by the FFA using journalists affiliated with it (eg Cockerill) to push a pro-ANZ agend?
  • Has the club continued to have no discussions with ANZ?
  • Is the FFA working to undermine the club's position by having their own discussions with ANZ?
  • What would the clubs response be to an attempt by the FFA to create a 'neutral' fixture played at ANZ instead of two Parramatta matches?


  • What is the club doing to counter-act to incessant propaganda from the ANZ Stadium ownership?
  • How has the club been lobbying various levels of government to increase investment in Parramatta Stadium?
  • Is Safe Standing still happening? If not, why not?
  • When will the South End get a match clock?


  • There was a complete lack of consultation for this licensed club in Blacktown plan, does the club expect people to show up at a licensed club on a match day before going to Parramatta?
  • How does the club feel a licensed premises in Blacktown will work if the club stays at Parramatta Stadium?
  • Has any attempt been made to try to get a licensed club in Parramatta?
  • Is there a long-term plan to move the club from Parramatta to Blacktown?
  • Have any concrete plans been developed or lodged in regards to the training facility and/or club?
  • What has been done to ensure these plans are of a high technical quality such as the new Melbourne City facility?
  • Is the club going to help local grassroots football by allocating pitches to local football once complete?

Football Operations

  • Has the club looked at bringing in a technical director/director of football to oversee the entire football structure at the club?
  • Has the board asked Popa to play something other than 4-2-3-1?
  • Vitor Saba. Has the club identified why he failed at the club and if any changes to man management could be brought in to prevent situations similar in the future?
  • Has the Saba & Adeleke experience lead to any changes or improvements in the clubs scouting policy?
  • Where did the club go wrong in regards to scouting for these players specifically?
  • Why has the club signed Nick Ward when there are young players looking to step up?
  • Who made the decision to refuse the players request in the CWC pay dispute that bought them to the brink of a boycott?
  • Was it true that players were flying budget Jetstar flights to Japan, and with multi-leg return trips while the board flew first class direct?
  • The most prolific striker in the A-League, Besart Berisha, was off contract, with the Wanderers having both an open Marquee position & foreign position, was an approach for his services considered by the club? If not, why not?
  • Will there be any investment in improving coaching structures for set pieces, an area our club has been woeful at converting?
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I believe pre-match entertainment needs to be better thought out to allow an atmosphere to build.

I find, and many others too, that the music is deafening, particularly in the upper sections of the stands. Any sense of excitment or atomosphere is stifled right up until to point till the referee blows for kick-off.

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Were is the ACL merchandise? One plain print shirt isn't good enough need jersey, scarf, posters including limited edition framed or signed by current squad, replica trophy and so on.


is a must and should say CHAMPIONS!

you could make billions on those scarfs alone


we are merch whores over here and you guys know this all too well, take advantage of this!


also for Megan's sake, someone needs to be updating the twitter thingy majigy a bit more regularly.....

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A few things in no order of importance:


- Late emails. The communication regarding tickets has been poor. We don't want a 3.50 pm email for a 4 pm release.


- Once tickets do come out, Ticketmaster manage to absolutely destroy the whole process. It's becoming a chore and we don't really enjoy it.


- As mentioned above, what happened to buy back?


- Please no more Penrith games.


- AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE TURN OFF THAT TERRIBLE MUSIC WHEN THE GAME IS ABOUT TO KICK OFF AND THE RBB STARTS SINGING. Apologies for the caps lock but please understand that while this issue is minor in magnitude it is something that annoys the living **** out of us. On some points we may agree or disagree, but I'm still to meet a person that enjoys that crappy music in the beginning, especially when we start doing Glorious. The louder we sing the louder the music gets too. Please do something.


- And please do not have significant price rises every year on our memberships. I understand that costs to up and so do ticket prices, but were really grateful that the prices are as affordable as they are at the moment.

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Just on the music before ko, I know that the ffa mandates it (at least, that's what I've been told before). But they also give you choices as to what it is right? So just get creative. Play something really really quiet. Nobody likes it, especially when it's turned up. I know in some places an "event" needs loud music because people have been conditioned to think they are somewhere special when the music is loud and a voice tells them to enjoy themselves in an over enthusiastic manner. But that is not us.


On that note... would it be possible to get someone who is a football fan/wanderers fan to be the ground announcer?

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behind the northern stand is it possible that we can have a free water stand?
I know that the bar is meant to have free tiny cups of water because it is a bar but I reckon that it would be easier if you literally had someone with plastic cups and a hose and just giving free cups of water.
especially on the hot days 

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behind the northern stand is it possible that we can have a free water stand?

I know that the bar is meant to have free tiny cups of water because it is a bar but I reckon that it would be easier if you literally had someone with plastic cups and a hose and just giving free cups of water.

especially on the hot days 


I've heard many stories of how difficult the bar staff can be when asked for water, or when the water in their little esky thing runs out.

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Here are my main complaints.


The schedule. I do realise that this is ultimately beyond your control, but only this much:

  • This season 2 x NZ, 2 x SA and 2 x WA away and 6 x NSW at home = ridiculous. FFA need to mix it up more.
  • Last season  4 x away in Melbourne, this season 2 x away. Why not 3 x away each season?
  • The single away game against VIC was in Round One, the single home game against Roar at the beginning of the season, and the single home games against Perth and ADE are at the very end. Ridiculous.
  • The RBB likes to travel, but when away trips for Brisbane and Melbourne are scheduled for Friday and Sunday then there won't be as many travellers as on a Saturday.

The announcer is painful. Give the job to Dicko, he is in the stadium anyway.


The music pre and post match music is painful. For goodness sake, turn it off when the teams come on the pitch.


More regular updates regarding major infrastructure projects (club house, stadium upgrade) would be appreciated.


I want to see a marquee player who has the capacity to making a difference.


And: in the other codes we hear about doping, drugs, ****, domestic violence, brain damage due to head injuries, jail sentences for players, pub brawls and the like. In contrast, football can walk proud, and is currently holding the Asian titles at club and national level. If the worst that is happening in domestic football is flares and smokies going off then football is blessed. Gallop must be thanking his lucky stars that he is not involved with NRL administration any longer. But: why are those in charge not stressing that point over and over???


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Pre kickoff music has to go. And the final straw for the ground announcer came during the match call competition, when he criticised the ultimate winner for not speaking English, thus alienating most of the fanbase. He clearly knows nothing about football, and cares nothing for the club. Get rid of him.

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One of the most attractive "benefits" that was offered with S1 membership was two member-elected positions on the Board. I'm sure this will now be ignored / swept under the rug, given how much growth has exceeded even the wildest expectations, but as a halfway step, can we set up a member-only committee, or something similar that can be the fans' voice directly to the executive and BoD?

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Turn off the music during glorious.


Some of the chants lyrics being put in the pre match magazines or whatever you call it to get more people involved.


I know the RBB was undersold last season and some RBB tickets were released nearing the end of last season (RBB memberships)
Not sure what's happening this season in the RBB again weather it's undersold, people just not turning up or people just buying memberships to sell the tickets at inflated prices for the big games, I hope the club is calling these people and asking why they've been absent like they did last season for the sake of supporting our lads and pushing for stadium upgrade funds.

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Another one: Ticketing.

Enough with the piecemeal tickets sold in sporadic and unpredictable lots.

sell them all at once, or at worst two lots (1 business hours and one after) and then that's it. If ticket master won't do that then we need to go somewhere else.. it's ridiculous the way that it can be exhausted and then not.

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make home day much more football friendly. Allow flags larger than small under size to be brought in without registration or  earlier dropping off time will encourage more visual from RBB. Less restrictions of kids who bring in streamers or being told off by security for tearing up paper and throwing it in the air.

As also said by many others allow the music to be lowered or muted a minute or so before kickoff so Glorious can be heard with out us trying to compete with the stadium announcer. 

Opening the side gates of the RBB at halftime maybe to let more fans in who want to participate and thus filling the blank empty seats on the side bays of the north.

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Hey Ben, I know we've put maybe too many ideas out there, but we'd also appreciate if you could tell us which of our requests are achievable and which are not. We'd also like to know why certain things could not be done, e.g. No oversized flags due to x and Y and so on.


We also appreciate how you guys ask for feedback and take it on board.



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Ben, we know it's hard to do everything as apart from WSW there are FFA, Pirtek , Police, etc but if we can;

#That rid of that announcer

#Stop the music as.soon as teams walk onto the field

#Provide a digital (downloadable) option

for the program.

# Do not sell tickets in lots. If you have to leave an am out to be sold at the gate, do that but say how many and when they will be released.

# buyback scheme

# club organized away trips

# No More games at Penrith

# No more face off at derby games

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Glorious starts announcer shuts the **** up, the whole stadium probably isn't going to get in on singing Glorious but i can see a time in the not too distant future where the majority of fans at least have scarves up whilst it's being sung but the announcer just takes attention away from it.

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Other teams have plastic walkout songs like 'stand by me' and everything stops to let them sing.

We have Glorious, which is written by the fans and has solid meaning to many of us westies. The club should support it as our walkout song and it's done... No Ffa music.


Once that happens people will then know and become accustomed to scarves up being the walkout.

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This is just to throw weight behind all other opinions already offerred:

- Why no more community forums? Great way to get in touch with members and put any issues to bed

- Ground announcer has come across as a flop, many unhappy with the job he is doing

- The whole 5 minutes before kickoff needs to be revisited, this includes not having music or the ground announcer trying to drown out glorious, consult with members on walkout song, FFA approved music either switched off or turned down

- Why was the buyback scheme not introduced in 2015 as promised? The club don't seem to be interested in fixing the 14k attendances we have been getting despite people wanting tickets to matches. The attendances don't help our push for a bigger stadium and it isn't a good look despite having 18k members.

- Need to revisit the way tickets are released, a week out it is sold out but then you release tickets the day before, why do this? People have already made plans and aren't able to attend at such late notice

- Consult with the FFA in terms of the schedule, this includes a better/easier ride for teams competing in other competitions and better options for away trips for fans (Friday and Sunday's make it difficult to travel interstate to follow WSW)

- S1 a fan ownership model was mooted, is there any chance that this will become a reality? Not talking about majority ownership, something between 10-20% so fans can have a stake in the club.

- Continued improvement in communication to the members including Y & W league

- Ticketmaster, every time we try to buy tickets with them there is always a stuff up or problem

- We'd like to see the club stand up to the FFA in terms of backing active fans instead of doing all in there powers to restrict them. I'd really like the club to back the RBB in putting in an appeals process for fans that have been wrongly banned (ie charged on game day, given 5yr ban, then they are proven innocent either in court or it was clear to the police it wasn't them but the ban still stands)

- We have had two terrible experiences at Penrith and don't want to go back.

- Safe standing was mooted in the first season but it appears that Parramatta vetoed the idea, what are the chances of this happening?

- There has been little consultation with the fans on the licensed club planned in rooty hill. Having the club at rooty hill is quite out of the way and especially with the club committing its future to parramatta, why not have the club close to parramatta? Not only are fans happy to travel to parramatta on match days they would be happy to congregate there on away games (think acl final). Then what about pre and post match, it would be difficult to travel there from parramatta. Also are the club going to fill the place with pokies?

- WSW fans & members love there merchandise but post winning the biggest trophy the club could have won we have seen nothing from the club in terms of merchandise. Incredibly disappointing that nothing was created after the final. Please don't stuff up the release of this year's ACL Jersey.

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Hey Ben,


Thanks for taking the time to come here and ask. There's a lot of negatives being addressed (there nothing been said so far that i disagree with) but theres not a lot of pointing out things that are going well.


So i'll have a crack. 

  1. This year there seems to be a lot less issues with over policing and or security unnecessarily flexing their muscles. Approach (at least in area of the stadium I am at) has been more measured and even friendly as compared to the first and second seasons, queues to get in are shorter or at least more organised. Seems the club listened and were able to pass on the message to the third parties involved in match day security. 
  2. Always enjoy the match day program, ok my kids end up ripping it to pieces and using it as confetti before the games over but the few bits and pieces i get to read before that happens are always well done. Even some good satire and fan involvement in it. 
  3. Taking a merch van to newcastle. great lolz were had (especially when the newcastle merch vendors on that side of the stadium weren't open). Be great if the club got more involved in promoting/helping to organise these easy away days. It not only grows our connection with the club community but helps prop up the league as well boosting crowds at venues that typically struggle to fill. (Hunter, CC and Allianz :ninja: )  
  4. Purchased a few bits of merch online this year and the turn around was fantastic (got it 2 days later). Perhaps its an indication that the volumes being purchased have slowed down due to our poor season but when i've bought stuff in the past it has taken over a month for things to arrive. But i'll take it as an indication that things are getting sorted in that area also. 
  5. Range of items available for purchase is growing. long may it continue. we cant get enough. 

Anyway theres a short list of the things i've seen improvement in this year :good:

Hopefully that gets people juices flowing and a few more might be teased out of this normally negative crowd. 

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