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Around the Bloc S03E22: You're Coming Down With Us

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Around the Bloc S03E22: You're Coming Down With Us


Another week, another winless run of games, another lot of injuries, and another journo getting his facts wrong. Not much has changed in Wanderland since our last show, although when we say we want to see the youth, Popa listens. This coming week though, we stray further from home than Ante Covic with trips to Brisbane and Perth, and with not much to play for, we can only hope to ruin their seasons instead.


In other news, Turner talks transfers, we all talk DIY, and ATB starts posting pictures of food, trees and our freshly painted toenails on our brand new instagram account.


All this and more on this episode of Around the Bloc


Thanks to Caminito Food Truck for sponsoring this week’s episode!







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Great show, as always guys.

Never ceases to amaze me the amount of talent that we have in Western Sydney. On and off the pitch. And on and off the podcast.


For the record -

"But I shoot with this hand" is from Blazing Saddles.

There is a scene in Flying High where he says he has a drinking problem, and then spills his drink all over his face. You might have been thinking of that.


Either way they're both great films. :)


Keep up the great work.

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a) Yeah I always get my movie quotes mixed up - the drinking problem thing is probably what got me

b) speaking of drinking, I am not back on it, but the withdrawals are getting worse because its getting so close to when I've allowed myself to keep drinking haha. I've got a mates bucks party around the end of april so if my next case of wine hasn't arrived, I'll be breaking edge at the bucks. I did, however, have a fairly quiet friday night, followed by a saturday morning walking around the georges river with my wife which was very nice, and something I'd never have done if I was hungover. I'm also sleeping better, have lost weight, and have money in my wallet on a regular basis, so the benefits of not drinking are still outweighing the benefits of drinking - I just feel like a beer or a wine every now and then, thats all haha. 

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