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Mario Shabow


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Mario Shabow will not be joining the A-League squad as they travel to Sydney this afternoon, as he joins his family to mourn the recent passing of his father. The thoughts and prayers of everyone from the Newcastle Jets are with the Shabow family during this very difficult time.
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Half their club comes from the West, they're always hanging out around local grounds scouting players.

******* hate them for it, and hate them for signing OUR Mario.



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Usual sort of bellend on Facebook going on about this proves A league is a joke for  constantly recycling players.

Ffs he’s just turned 20 and finding his feet, he’s hardly Matt Simm 

Nabout took a couple of clubs before he found his way.

shabow could be ace for the mariners

whatever happened to 

Youlley he looked boss for about 10 minutes 

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