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Around the Bloc S04E18: Around 100

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Around the Bloc S04E18: Around 100

It’s ATB’s 100th episode and what better way to celebrate than to see the Wanderers play a game that takes years off our lives and makes us feel 100.


We also run through some of the better moments of the last few years of the pod and basically pat ourselves on the back for a little while


All this on the 100th episode of Around the Bloc.



Thanks to Caminito Food Truck for sponsoring this week’s episode!






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10 points to erebus for bringing up the whinging from arnie and VS hearing them go on over the last week was doing my head in. and they cant even really complain about the hectic acl schedule when it hits because thanks to us the ffa has said they will now look at the scheduling and try to fix it so no one will probably have a schedule like we did again. just makes popa look all that much better all the **** we went through adn he never once use scheduling as en excusse


p.s happy 100th here's to 100 more  :drinks:

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Did we really only have one corner? I do only remember a short one, in the first half....



And #atbfacts


The 3-1 vs England was not at craven cottage.

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