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WSW Merchandise 2017/18

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Not keen at first glance, need to see and hold one in the flesh, I don't mind the white change strip with the red arms mind, if I was pushed between the two I would buy the white one.


But other than that I will be making do with last years strip.


Prob is I have to buy my son a new one this year as he has out grown his.


EDIT just seen the photo of Santa above with it on and that doesn't look so bad, but then he is a man crush beast at the best of times.

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wouldve rather black instead of red on the away.


black shorts in though thats a positive


or perhaps Charcoal instead of white and match with red?


charcoal and red wouldve been an instant winner.

surprised the club hasnt used the black in our colours for the away kit much. a plain white away kit is meaningless in the a-league where everyone seems to have one

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nikes brought up the price of the jerseys use to be 90 bucks at nike

What a rort!


For the past 4 seasons, jerseys have been no more than 90 RRP! To jack up the price by 25% to 120RRP, it's such a rip off!!


Give it a couple more years, we'll be in nrl standards, 150 RRP.

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