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Around the Bloc S05E12: Drawckland

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Around the Bloc S05E12: Drawckland

Another round, another draw for the Wandrawers. Some good goals, some bad mistakes, and a whole heap of barbecued meat were on the menu for yet another frustrating (and yet delicious) weekend of football for us westies.


In other news, the worst kept secret in the A-League – the signing of super villain, Vedran Janjetovic – became confirmed and he fired a few parting shots. Reactions were mixed but time will tell us whether he flops or fires for his new club.


This is Around the Bloc.

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Hang on... 


Top episode!

When will you be back Erebus?



No Steve and you still want more!!???!!!1111!!111????
































All jokes aside, it's not the same when Steve isn't there, he doesn't get my South Park references  ;)

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Top episode!


When will you be back Erebus?

I've done 2 OTB episodes over 2 weeks...



yeah but what about 1 OTB and then still video call to ATB? because i dont know how you did it last time but the ******* call quality when you called in was 15/10 lol

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