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Jack Clisby Chant


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Our ranga deserves a chant.

He's been out best player week in / week out this season.

Plus, it's also a good chance for a dig at Seb Ryall......


To the tune of Achey Breaky Heart, and a chant a lot of teams do....Spurs and Dele Alli, Arsenal and Ozil, West Ham and Payet etc etc.


We've got Clisby.

Jack Clisby.

I just don't think you understand.

Better than Ryall.

And not a paedofile.

Oh we've got Jack Clisby.



Link to Spurs fans singing it for Alli.....


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As much as I agree that Clisby should have his own chant- I don't want to be mentioning seb ******* ryall, or using the word "paedophile" in any of our chants.


Using the same tune:


He's our Clisby

Young Jack Clisby

With his grin and flaming red hair

If you take on Clisby

Our Jack Clisby

He might just break your ******* legs

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