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Around the Bloc S05E17: PIss Fartin' Around

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Around The Bloc: S05E17: Piss Fartin' Around


That winning feeling returned to the lives of the Wanderers players and fans in the unlikely setting of New Plymouth, despite the best efforts of the referee and linesman to do their business on our clean sheets.


We’re only one game away from the final derby of the regular season and we’ve got one hurdle to overcome in the Central Coast Mariners – but they’ll be looking for their 3rd win on the trot so we’ll be finding ways to show that kebabs > fish and chips.


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Loving the pod. Though missing the food talk.

And no more Mulberry tree cafe?!?


(Video)Phoning-it-in seems to work well.

(Though I don't know if you had to smooth it out in post production)


Just a quick point, you guys mention that we have only beaten teams below us on the table.

Thats only true in hindsight.


Both Newcastle and Wellington were above us when we played them, until we took their spots from them. ;)

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Definitely work needed in post production. We both record our audio locally and then it gets combined in post production. Getting them synced up is the tricky part.

Hence the good audio quality from both parties.


Specifically, we haven't beaten anyone in the top 5.

The work in post production was worth it. Apart from the occasional pause, it definately sounded like you were all in the same room. Great work.


And yeah, I knew what you guys meant.

Just pointing out that we have twice climbed the ladder by beating the team 1 spot above us.

I'm looking forward to our trip to Perth to take their 5th spot, too. :)

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