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Around the Bloc S05E19: Vincible

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Around The Bloc: S05E19: Vincible


Saturday night was one for the ages – the streak was broken, the unbeatable were beaten, Santalab seemingly changed his entire temperament in the course of a week, and even a one-eyed monster could see what it meant to the WSW players.

Of course, the aftermath of the game has not been without controversy and whether it’s Chris Beath, Alex Brosque, the FFA or a painted piece of fabric – all the talk has revolved around giant dicks.


This is Around the Bloc


(Some language may offend…)



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Great pod guys!


Just a correction regarding Vendran being undefeated in Derbys, He actually lost his first derby in season 1 when Hersi and Megsi both scored :)


Those were the days!  :xnod:


And Derby IV as well, back in the day when our whole team  had <3 and we could actually whip in a cross on goal and score from set pieces.


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