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Around the Bloc S05E20: Perthetic

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Around The Bloc: S05E20: Perthetic


The hangover from the derby included a 4-0 and a 2-0 loss to Urawa and Perth respectively. Needless to say, the joy after our first win in Homebush was short lived, and we get to thinking about what we, as fans and consumers of this product, expect from the club we support.


With a tough game against Shanghai and then returning to play bottom placed Adelaide, it could be a long couple of months leading to the end of the season – unless things change for the better.


This is Around the Bloc.




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That was pretty depressing, not unlike the wanderers current form.


Doing Q&A this week to break up the boredom and repetition haha. Its ridiculously hard to come up with new content this year

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