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FFA Failure: The Sunset Of David Gallop


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42 minutes ago, hughsey said:

To be honest, now that the HAL is independent my investment in what’s going on with the FFA isn’t nearly what it was prior. My priority is seeing the HAL grow, I’m more interested in seeing how that’s run.

will run great under Gallop   :ninja:

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I was looking for this thread.  This is an excellent repository of general FFA nincompoopery (is that a word? I'm going with it anyway :xbop: )

Oh yeah, goodbye Gallop & don't ever darken Australian footballs door ever again you massive tool.

I mean is it possible for Australian football to have a competent, respected, leader & advocate of the game for once?   Bueller? Bueller? 

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On 11/07/2019 at 5:40 PM, StringerBellend said:

Craig Foster gets my vote 

- advocate for football

- great communicator 

- knowledge of the game

- knows international admin of football

- has great suits 

- fantastic hair 

- well kept beard 

- I love him in a mostly hetro way 

Foster would be my least favourite person to be in charge. He would run football like a social crusade rather than just running football. 

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49 minutes ago, StringerBellend said:

He’d be my favourite for the same reason 


and the beard 

Exactly.....someone who knows something about football, can't have that can we. So we should select an NRL/Cricket bufoon like Gallop or an AFL Twit like his predecessor. How about someone from "Snow boarding or syncronized swimming"?  

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I agree with Jukes, Foz is a great bloke but his philosophy can get out of hand when he gets on a role. Case in point: the piece he delivered after the Socceroos final WC game last year sounded like he was making an address to the UN. 

I like the idea of a foreigner. Aus football is a bit of a bubble that shelters those involved. We need a football person from abroad, with no bias or ties to come in and push the envelope and take us outside of our comfort zone. Challenge the status quo.

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People get a bit carried away with the whole "we need a football person thing". We need a businessman and sports administrator because that's the job, they're not going out on the pitch and kicking a ball. Just like I wouldn't want us to sign someone as a striker because they have an MBA. If ex players have no business administration experience they aren't going to make things better and would be more suited to some sort of advisory role.

The problem is we need someone who is at least a football fan. Getting an AFL or cricket guy who doesn't understand football culture is going to fail. I like the idea above of getting someone with overseas experience.

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