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Around the Bloc S05E22: Plus Won

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Around The Bloc: S05E22: Plus Won



If the week leading up to Sunday was to be any indication of the game, it would have been dull and boring, but with the sunshine brought a bright outcome to the end of the weekend as we finally, finally, won a home game at Spotless brushing aside the Nix.

Some ATB members have been MIA since our win, but Nick and Tats weren’t left alone as our very own very good plus one from over the bridge came to assist.

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Send my apologies to Mulberry Tree café, now that burger project has opened up across the street I have changed my allegiances.  

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I wasn at mulberry tree long before they were a sponsor. The first time I had the burger. Amazing. The second time. Meh. I haven't been back in a while though. I agree though. There are many places better than burger project. It's more the novelty of it. But it is about on par with what I remember of mulberry tree.

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Eh, my local is Ribs & Burgers in Chatswood haha. Haven't had a bad burger there yet.


There's a Royal Stacks in Chatswood now and the lines for that when it opened were stupid. I went a few weeks later and it tasted the same as Burger King. It just didn't have the stomach cramps afterwards. Was also gourmet burger prices though so I'll never be back there.

Mary's or whatever it is in the city on Castlereigh St was on par with Royal Stacks. Overrated af

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Just tried burger head at the show (don't judge me I was working there) the cheese burger was quite nice. One of the better ones I've had.


Sorry guys, I seem to turn every thread I touch into something about food.

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