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Around the Bloc S05E24: Pleading For Fifth

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Around The Bloc: S05E24: Pleading For Fifth


A fairly dull draw secured our spot in this years finals series so we look at how Popa’s famous rotation policy may or may not be in full effect.


We also consider the fact that there may be one more Sydney Derby left this season, discuss the upcoming visit from Arsenal (minus all the good players) and Nova talks about (and is probably still talking about) his feelings on the 6 team finals series. Toilet seat, indeed.


This is Around the Bloc


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Good pod guys.

I thought Muscat parked the bus from the kick off.


My eldest son's comment. One pass from the back to right followed by a cross-field over to the left then a pass to the middle for nearly every play which was Boring.


I would add that out of the 28 shots we had 12 blocked shots. Thomas had a good game.


So good to see Berisha not get a goal.

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The last striker to score against us was O'Donovan in R19.

Since then

R20 Bobo-no goal

R21 Keogh, Castro no goals (Goals by Harold and Chianese).

R22 Diawara no goal

R23 Smetz, Krishna no goals (Finkler free kick)

R24 Fakeroli no goal (Kilkenny in-off)

R25 Nordstrand no goal

R26 Berisha no goal.

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