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What Really Grinds My Gears 5

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12 minutes ago, wendybr said:

He"s the 4th person I know to share my birthday!

All the best people.....

Happy birthday to him!!  👍👍

Happy birthday to you 

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2 hours ago, Smoggy said:

WGMG..as of today I am officially the parent of a teenager :rolleyes:

Except he has been behaving like a stroppy teenager for the last few years :rolleyes:

Plus i don't feel old enough to be the parent if a ******* teenager....

Anyhoo.. off to buy a cake and work out which pizzas he wants...if that's not too lame and embarrassing for him :rolleyes:  



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4 minutes ago, StringerBellend said:

Only if it came in a tin 

Ambrosia? :xnod:

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Thanks guys!

I was probably about 30 when I last confessed to having a birthday! 🤣

Turns out that the guy who sits next to me at school has the same birthday as me (newish staff member)...so it was a shared celebration , from which  there was no escaping.

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Haha some of the rants in here crack me up. 

Needs a rant, corporations that have cut back staff putting pressure on the ones working from home, my mate is struggling with the workload and took stress leave twice, his phone and email are non stop. Also the insurance company I'm dealing with has this issue and my poor case manager i have is cracking to but was able to cheer him up telling him of my 1 year ordeal. 

Also government is cutting the payment amount which could hurt alot of people heading into Christmas/new years. 

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