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Football Media Discussion 2

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20 hours ago, Prydzopolis said:

All that is going to get even harder now. Ray Gatt retired at the Australian but never replaced. News Ltd just got rid of 3 journalists. That’s in addition to Foxsports & foxsports news cutting football journalists.

Some of the garbage that comes out the twg is far fall from grace & you’ve got the fiction blogger Bossi over at the smh who should have been first on the chopping block.

There aren’t many top level well known respected journalists left, expect to see the sport forced further to the periphery. It’s all a bit bleak out there

I love Lucy 

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21 minutes ago, Davo said:

Craig Foster to leave his permanent role at SBS.

Statement from SBS regarding Craig Foster

Whats the bet he goes into politics......

....."the organisational spirit of inclusion, acceptance of diversity and promotion of Australia’s multicultural heart struck me most deeply. We brought this to life through football, but the mission was always to create a better Australia and world. My own challenges lie in this field and I will miss the people, above all, though I will never be too far away."...... 

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27 minutes ago, Carns said:

Hope Simon Hill either gets a gig with Optus or FFA put him on a retainer until they get their streaming services up and running in a year or two. He's the voice of the A-league/Australian football right now and deserves another gig.

Yeah, this is why i'm kind of surprised about the anger at fox or whatever over it.

Fox, despite the extension of their coverage to next year, don't give a **** about football. I'd much rather a scenario where Hill has left them and is a gun for hire for football, then one in which Fox pull out of their contract or even go through next year and then ditch us, and Hill is still there relegated to commentating on the cricket or the netball or some ****.

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Sort of football media news

7 News Sports presenter Jim Wilson (brother of Rebecca Wilson) leaves 7 moving to 2GB drive.

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3 hours ago, Carns said:

Pretty much agree with everything Hill said.

Yep absolutely - and while we don't need a "messiah", I wish there was a way in which Simon could be involved in running the game in Oz in some capacity. He may be a Smurf supporter, but like his countryman (and incidentally fellow Smurf supporter :cheeky:) David Squires, he just gets it. Hopefully James Johnson is the right man for the job and does what he is promising to do. 

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