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Condolences (RIP)


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5 hours ago, JackDoff said:

RIP Hef...... but is he really in a BETTER place now?     :P 

To quote the late great comic Greg Giraldo " he caused us to spill more seed than Ali at a bird feeder" 


Ahhh playboy magazine.... top shelf in my local store as a kid, wedged between Over 40's and Readers Wives, offered just a little more class....it was the holy grail to obtain and you were a god if you rocked up at school with a copy.


Anyway, end of some kind of era I guess.

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15 minutes ago, thefairy said:

RIP Raphie May. Dead at 45.

All the terrible news in the past week. This is the one that made me really really sad and shed a few tears.


to quote Greg Giraldo (RIP) on a Comedy Roast ...

"Ralphie May's the only guy that watches porn n cums when the guy delivers the pizza" 

RIP Ralphie

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9 minutes ago, wendybr said:

:( Yes very sad.

Don't know the details of his passing...but with the dementia severe enough for him to have been in residential care for some time..perhaps it is a mercy.


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Was really sad to hear ex tennis player Jana Novotna passed away due to cancer in the last few days. Great character at a time in the 90's when womens tennis was really good.

Never forget the 1993 Wimbledon final where she broke down in tears after losing to Graf after being well ahead. The photos of her being comforted by the Dutches of Kent are some of the most famous in that tournaments history.

She made the final in 1997 and lost again before finally winning it in 1998, the whole of the UK willing her to win one.

I spent time in Brno where she was from in 96, they loved her there just as in the UK.

49 is no age....RIP Jana.

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