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Condolences (RIP)


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I am no royalist as people here know, half of my family's roots lie on the republic side of the Irish border. But as a dad, grandad and great grandad RIP Phil. A bloke who spent his whole life 2 steps behind his wife, who had to give up his career when he married.

I left school at 15 with no qualifications, no hope, no jobs. Officially unemployed by 16 with fortnightly depressing trips to the dole office stood in line, i cannot express how bleak it was, the boredom and lack of hope. Until i was sent on a scheme which incorporated the Duke of Edinburgh Award. It gave me focus and something to do! I would have many issues to resolve following that scheme, but there is no doubt it set me on the right track and pulled me back from the brink.

Sorry if that sounds a bit dramatic, not intended, but I think this fella had his foot in mouth moments, but in my opinion created something genuinely good for young people that were in my situation, and for that ..thank you.

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I saw that Philip died before I went to bed last night. Woke up this morning and there was a truck out the front of my neighbour’s place as they’re moving house. The company logo on the side of the truck said Monarch Removals.

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19 hours ago, JackDoff said:




the old farts on here should know who she is!  

I loved that show. Though as a young child I was disturbed by the fact he was constantly thwarted in his attempts to off the island. I just wanted him to get home lol. The best children's TV always had a bit of tension in it 

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