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Toilet Seat Playoffs

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17 minutes ago, lloydy136 said:

for an elimination final for the 'greatest team in the history of ever' against their 'biggest rival' it seems to be a fairly sparsely populated allianz.


if SCG members didn"t have access to there games they would be lucky to have 10 G

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I can write Bossi's headline for him tonight...

'Arnies ESFC era ends with a whimper' On  a cold, wet miserable night at a half empty Allianz stadium ESFC failed to show for the biggest game of their season. The powers that be at ESFC must wonder what the future holds after failing so badly to build on the success of the last season or two. This desperatly disapointing final game will surely define Arnies time at the club'..

Bossi you can thank me anytime for helping you start your piece...


C'mon vic, lets see this through.

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