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WSW 18/19 & 19/20 Club Thread

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1 minute ago, mack said:

If you assume the club have written off the season and wouldn't care even if he lost all 5 games then everything points to JP getting promoted 'officially' and being given a 1 year deal to cover the last year of the Fox tv deal. After which there is probably going to be a gigantic shake up in how the league is run.

Given we have written off the last three seasons why break the habit

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2 hours ago, pseudonym said:

In the short term:

Covid 19 has wrecked everyone's finances

No decent coach would want to come Australia right now 


.... so keeping JP in the job makes sense

I would set my expectations for next season low and be thankful that WSW did not choose Aloisi

Wait... jokes



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I just got it.

It says "tickets will be allocated on a best available basis" so I would assume it's a simple "first in wins" situation, the club wouldn't want to complicate things and the people who most want to get in will get them asap.

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Would love to go with jack junior but missus desperate to visit her ailing mum in a few weeks has put the hard word down, stay at home and isolate from the world, disappointing but totally understand where she's coming from.

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2 minutes ago, Keithie said:

Sydney FC to get exemption from new salary cap because they have committed to contracts with all their players.

why shouldn't they? Our club should have commited key players to contracts by now too

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It's time for the cap to go. By the time all the budget & income cuts come in after Foxtel pisses off the cap will be down to almost nothing anyway. No caps, no minimum spend, players on individual contracts that mean you can actually contract a talented 15 year old as a part timer while they study, without having to pay them 55k a year and stop the Mariners stealing them from us without compensation.

Open up the transfer market as well. Do it like it's done almost everywhere else on the planet. We've tried 15 years of the Americanised/AFL/NRL style competition and it hasn't worked.

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I will be a disaster if they decide to just drop the cap to $1.6m and allows teams who already signed to have exceptions. Some contracts are longer than the next year, so you can't keep making them exempt. You may as well just get rid of the cap at that point.

I'm with Mack on this one. Just get rid of the cap and bring in a proper transfer system.

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It's going to take a few years before financially stressful teams to have the money to stay with esfc/city spending wise and alot of players like Duke will be forced out and standards will obviously drop. Unless there is a big cash injection privately or change of structure eg transfer system similar to the MLS expect a playing gap like EPL. 

Unfortunately the shape of football thanks to the single minded lowy dynasties has left us in a bad state along with the tv rights issues and obvious covid19 drama. Could be 3/5 years of pain ahead but would be good if we could have a proper 2nd division and no more ffa license fees for a promotional league on the other side. 


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