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Markus Babbel Is New Wanderers Coach

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So the best Christmas present Babbel and Wanderers can get is Ziggy's Aussie passport.

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21 minutes ago, Sithslayer1991 said:

Gumby doesnt count because the first 5 rounds were Foxe

Actually i used the results from last season from Round 7 where Gumby was in charge. here were the results 

R07 0-2 

R08 0-2

R09 0-5 Derby debacle

R10 2-0

R11 0-4 Nuked in Newy

R12 2-1

R13 2-0

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8 hours ago, Paul01 said:

Markus v Gumby after 7 rounds






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54 minutes ago, Edinburgh said:

Happy Birthday Marcus

Teacher's pet!

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1 hour ago, Carns said:

Teacher's pet!

You'd know! 🍎

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