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Perth Glory vs Western Sydney Wanderers 21/10/2018 4:00PM

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Id like to see a lot more composure on the ball from us, especially around the box.

More balls to nowhere or noone. We are going to be slaughtered this season down to absolutely fundamental skills.

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That was ***** shambolic! WTF was Vedran thinking passing it straight to Tongyik?

ANd where the **** was the rest of our defence when Tongyik lost the ball?

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What on earth was Vedran thinking? What the hell is Tongyik meant to do, he was looking at Vedran, how he is supposed to know what was behind him, and what options he had for a pass? The only real option he had was an immediate passback. Idiotic from a senior player.

Sotirio & Roly are **** as usual and neither are tracking back. Baumjohann has been invisible, the only thing Mahazi has done is get carded and everyone else is doing nothing of value.

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18 minutes ago, tardotz said:

Cannot see where the goals will come from.

Riera would be the obvious choice but he won't do anything without proper delivery.

Must be nice for Popa to actually be coaching a team with a...what's the name for it?

Oh I know....a striker.



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