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Western Sydney Wanderers vs Wellington Phoenix 8/1/2019 7:50PM

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17 minutes ago, WHACKO said:

It's not based on football ability. It's based on how much is bet on each team?

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12 minutes ago, Edinburgh said:

It's not based on football ability. It's based on how much is bet on each team?

Not exactly prices are set before any money is wagered. Then the amount of money then dictates the price.

We opened favourites and still are, even though our odds have eased slightly.

IMO we should be $2.10 - $2.18 Favourtes

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In & Junior, expecting a win tonight nay demanding a win !

fair do to Rudan though he has turned that team around, will not be easy but expecting an end to end 5 -  4 tonight..

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well against Victory I was happy cos even though we lost we showed plenty but tonight is must win for me, and you know what if we get an early one we might just punish them.  I took 4-1 us cos I still feel bad for cleaning up and backing Victory at $2 last game.

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3 minutes ago, Unlimited said:

the view at ANZ is so bad I’ve literally positioned myself in front of a screen at the ground instead of in front of the field 

Where are you lol. In a corporate box?

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Just now, mack said:

Where are you lol. In a corporate box?

Nah GA section essentially directly in front of one of the big screens - it’s like those in-screen pop ups on TV for instant replay... but in real life! And then if I turn myself a little I can watch the game... 

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2 minutes ago, Smoggy said:

ABJ looks like he has done his hamstring in...great...just ******* brilliant....

now my joke feels mean spirited but i just assumed he would be gone for the match and then ready to play for the next match......hope it isnt a long term injury

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