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Western Sydney Wanderers vs Wellington Phoenix 8/1/2019 7:50PM

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5 minutes ago, Unlimited said:

Anyone watching the tv broadcast manage to figure out what that joke of a non penalty decision was for?

on the plus side, we aren’t getting any cards yet 

Babbel is looking dapper again though...nice pocket hankey think going down...

Vedran with nearly another **** up there...

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2 minutes ago, tardotz said:

Yeah got hacked and couldn't move for the last 4 minutes....made the sign to be replaced just before the goal

Seen him struggling to move...but i thought that was just him....he looks like that every game...

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We're going to be hard pressed at the back end of this game.....we have only one sub left.......some tired legs coming up. You have to favour the Nix at this stage.........but,,,,,stranger things have happened.

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