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Radoslaw Majewski


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2 hours ago, mack said:

Speculation from Fox that his injury might be an acl? But even if not will be out months.

Big Oumar in an injury replacement loan is what I’m hearing


from the voices in my head 

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He doesn't sound happy with DMc in this interview. He is back in Poland opening an academy upgrade, prior to his operation back here in a couple of weeks. 



Radosław Majewski: half in each band are freaks [interview]

Radosław Majewski (photo: Getty)
Radosław Majewski (photo: Getty)

In June, Radosław Majewski followed in the footsteps of Adrian Mierzejewski and moved to the Australian league. However, he did not make his debut in it, because at the end of September, during training, he tore the ligaments in his right knee. We met Western Sydney Wanderers' helper in his hometown of Pruszków, where he gets better and has just opened the first pneumatic hall in the city, which is simply the so-called football balloon.

Radosław Przybysz, TVPSPORT.PL: - Many players start academies after the end of their career. You set up the object right away. Although you are not finishing your career yet ...
Radosław Majewski:
 - Here is the academy. It is run by my partner, Maciek Machalski, a pupil and captain of Znicz Pruszków. But we've talked for a long time that the pitch must expand. Be open all year round so that you don't have to go to the hall in winter. There was no such opportunity for a long time, but now it has appeared. And so the first pneumatic hall was created in Pruszków. We plan to create a league here so that people come to play, do not sit at home, that something happens ...

- Radosław Majewski - social worker?
- That's not the point. I just want the academy to work during those five or six winter months. We have invested time and money in it. Well, tell yourself - there comes a situation that I finish with the ball and what? I sit at home on the couch and wait what will happen?

- I see you on television.
- Yes, from time to time I can sit down and talk. If you talk well, there are still new topics to touch. But my business depends on me, I work alone, I create my own graphic. And on television I would have to do what they tell me - you have to be on the record at this time, you have to sit here ... I'm not used to it.

- How long have you come back to Poland?
"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the injury." Luckily, the balloon was created right now when I have a little more free time. We planned to organize a match for the opening, but now I can't move at all. I can only sit and talk ...

(photo Instagram)
(photo Instagram)

- What is the injury and how did it happen?
- Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and collateral tibial ligament (MCL). If you could see me get in my feet ...

- At training?
- Yes, and in training without goals! Will you believe I have never heard of such a situation. Leg straightened, he was late with the attack and I could not escape. I got a stiffened leg on which I had body weight. I've never felt anything like this before. It hurt amazingly. I was furious, but what could I do?

- What is the treatment plan?
- I am still two weeks here to strengthen myself mechanically during rehabilitation, build this place muscularly. The collateral ligament can grow in five weeks. But in any case, cross reconstruction awaits me. So I'll be back to Australia for surgery soon. The only question is whether one ligament or both. Later I will recover and rebuild weak muscles.

- You didn't even manage to make your debut in the A-League, which played the first round last weekend.
- I'm angry the more that I worked the entire preparatory period. And it lasts a little, because the league plays from October to May, then there are two months off, and then three months of preparation, two trainings a day. I flew there on July 10 with the intention of returning only in May, after the season. On September 23 I was injured, and on October 12 the first round was played. My team won 2: 1 with Central Coast Mariners.

- How many matches have you played?
- From a dozen sparring and three in the Australian Cup: from Perth Glory, Sydney United and Melbourne City, with whom we dropped out.

- In the second one you won 7: 1 and you made two assists and scored an effective goal.
- I managed to do at least that much ...




- How is acclimatization outside the pitch?
- It's okay, normal guys, although the mentality is a bit different than in Poland. I have already met some of them after training several times. It's the same in every club: four to five normal ones you hang out with, half freaks and a neutral rest. I didn't expect anything else. At the beginning I need: a flat, a car and a bank account. Somehow we will play the rest. Footballers are a specific genre. It takes time for you to know who to make friends with and who you will only be a "teammate".

- Australia surprised you with something?
- Temperatures. I thought it was always warm there and I took only two jackets. And I arrived in the summer and after 17 it was getting damn cold ... Besides, friendly people, good cuisine, a million beaches and long distances. Five million people live in Sydney alone. I came across an Asian housing estate. I haven't seen the same person twice in three months.

- Have you thought about this decision for a long time?
- From January. At the beginning I said that there is no chance. Later, until the end of May, I was persuaded by Albin Mikulski - a Polish trainer who lives in Sydney. In June I was on vacation, I thought about it and finally decided that I like risk, so I will take it. Although the wife was skeptical ...

- You have some well-known guests in the band. Coach Markus Babbel played over 50 matches in the German national team. Stuttgart and Hoffenheim. Forward Alexander Meier scored nearly 100 goals in the Bundesliga, he was even the top scorer.
- Oh, I didn't even know. I knew that he was a legend of Eintracht Frankfurt. He joined late, we had only one training together. This is one of the so-called marquee players, or stars who are not covered by pay limits. There can be two such players in each team. There are still a few players with us with the past in the Bundesliga, including Pirmin Schwegler, Patrick Ziegler or Kwame Yeboah. There are also Australian representatives such as Matthew Jurman and Mitchell Duke. The team is in the top four.

- And now from Eintracht came Nicolai Muller, who is to replace you ...
- He signed the so-called replacement contract. If the injury excludes the player from the game for more than three months - and it probably will be in my case - then the club can easily hire a replacement for him. Before leaving, they informed me that they would look for someone in my place. Let me not take it personally ... I said: "Gentlemen, this is normal." After all, I will not twist my knees like in hydraulics and I will not put a new one. Although I would love to. It's obvious that the club needs a player for my position.

- Are you not afraid that he will cheat you from the squad?
- I have a contract for a year with an option to extend it for another one if I play 21 matches. So I'm now in so-called black d ... I don't know what will happen after the season. A difficult decision is ahead of them. They took a player who was to be the midfield leader, and suffered an injury before the season. But this situation does not depend on me ...


- Let's go back to Poland. It was enough for you to leave and Pogoń is a leader.
- There is something about it! But it wasn't hard for us to finish fourth in last season. It was already clear then that it was going in the right direction. Kosta Runjaic, with whom I am in touch, is one of the best trainers I know. He can be unpleasant. When you play a poor match, it has its thoughts. But he does nothing for a reason. I remember playing an away match in Bialystok. We've been gone four days. On the fifth we are back, tired of ourselves and we see that there are two trainings planned. We said to ourselves, "What is he doing? He could let go." And it turned out that he took us to golf. He knows what he is doing ... There is a good atmosphere in the club and people who want to help. We liked to go there even on a day off. There is no infrastructure yet, but it will be. They're working on it.

- On Saturday Legia - Lech. Are you going
"I thought about it, but I don't know if I can get out of the house." I'll be out in two weeks, I don't know when I'll be back again, maybe in seven months. That's why I want to spend as much time as possible with my wife and daughter. It will be a good opportunity to watch TV.

- What result do you bet?
- Let there be a 1: 1 tie.

- Remember that we are showing this match ...
- Then you can write like this: Legia versus Lech, two big companies, always happening, blood pulsating, exchanging punches! And at least two VAR interventions ...

(photo Instagram)
(photo Instagram)
photo: TVP

See "Football Status" with Radosław Majewski



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He was very honest and open in that interview, from what I can gather. 

Interesting to note that clauses in contracts such as optional yearly extensions are dependant upon factors such as a certain number of appearances etc. 

Makes sense why players like Pio would be frozen out of teams before they reached this limit and triggered clauses for easy pay days

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That was my first thought too, Re: minimum number of games ^^

Good interview. Very open, very honest.

It's always going to be hard to get a visa player to fit in and be a long-term success at the club if the wife and kids aren't making the move with you.

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20 minutes ago, Pup55 said:

That was my first thought too, Re: minimum number of games ^^

Good interview. Very open, very honest.

It's always going to be hard to get a visa player to fit in and be a long-term success at the club if the wife and kids aren't making the move with you.

The guy who is replacing him leaves wife and twins behind in Hamburg. Let's hope he does not feel inspired by Raddy's injury. Sounds like Dylan Mc did a right number on him though 

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Not every contract includes extensions for playing games but they are a pretty regular thing when the club wants a short deal while the player wants a long one. Llorente had such a clause which is why he got a second year.

It does occasionally cause problems. Khalfallah at Victory got frozen out because he was near the extension mark. They eventually solved it, I believe they gave him some kind of payout to get rid of the clause, so he came back until the end of the year then was released (he joined the Roar).

If it's early in the season, players getting frozen out are usually trying to be offloaded by the club in the January transfer window, although Pio may have had an extension clause. 

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Radoslaw Majewski on his ACL injury: “It’s not my fault I had a moron on my team. He hit my legs with full force during training and then like a moron he still tried to convince me it was an accident. In my opinion, he did it maliciously.” [@przeglad]



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1 hour ago, wswnick said:

Radoslaw Majewski on his ACL injury: “It’s not my fault I had a moron on my team. He hit my legs with full force during training and then like a moron he still tried to convince me it was an accident. In my opinion, he did it maliciously.” [@przeglad]




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