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Music Thread 4


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Some back ground needed for this for some...

A group named ""The Band""" where a backing group to many of the worlds greatest at the time they where no pun intended a band.

One of Rocks mots famous movies was called ""The Last Waltz"" in which many of worlds most famous acts of the time came together for one last concert for the Band

A song "the Band" made was called the weight... and I have copied below the Weight from The Last Waltz... then the same song played by "Playing for change" featuring musicians performing together across 5 continents.

From the Last Waltz... if you don;t listen to anything else watch this from about 50 seconds and listen to the Gospel singers


From Playing for change ... BTW Robbie Robertson was the lead guitarist for the band and rated in his day as one of the best in the world



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