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Music Thread 4


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If you don't know the back story to this vid ... suggest you look it up and then you can see what an amazing vid this is... In brief for those that don't know its about the Troubles in Ireland when the IRA & Orange Man were in virtual open war with a strong English involvement.... much much much to it but thats a start...

From the slums, 




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My call on the best female voice of the last say 50 years not counting opera or one off songs... could listen to her voice all day.... very very very rare footage... just her on a stage with a guitar nothing else...

Just put this on and go about your work ...such a lovely voice...



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Back in the day when you let your lady choose the Fri/Sat night entertainment venue for you and they tried to get you up on the dance floor to music like this...........MTB.....



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12 hours ago, StringerBellend said:

let love rule 


The more upbeat album version of this is ******* stunning. I genuinely think the Beegees should have done nothing other than write songs for Nina Simone.

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On 10/06/2020 at 11:48 PM, wendybr said:

^^^One of the few songs I like of theirs.

Not because of the sinister lyrics though. :unsure::unsure:

I know I've posted this one before Wendy, 'tis from the same album. I think this is great also.



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