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Music Thread 4


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18 hours ago, Wanderboy said:

This one is for you @Smoggy

You may or may not be in the mood for it atm, but I've always found when I'm feeling a bit down, this song cheers me up a bit. So many smiling faces.




oddly enough i was watching this video recently



apparently REM dont like that song but its a good song

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first ever time 2 australian drill groups have linked up, and all to insult onefour :P

quality song tbh


also another new song with hooligan hefs sadly has yougn lipz though and he sucks


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Here yer are @NeverGoat these guys spit rhymes tighter than the Bligh Park 2756 crew, it’s more extreme than the South Windsor turf wars over who gets to take the bench near the liquor land 

That door really had it coming though

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