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Music Thread 4


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24 minutes ago, EmMac said:

Ooh that would have been nice. I saw Bob Dylan and Van Morrison together on stage at Finsbury Park. Cranky old bast@rds they were

I was just more thinking of being back in the day, I did see Roni size but wasn’t in the park but I did see Pulp and these guys in the park 


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I am back and to and this post is over two posts this one and the Arab guy I told about is the second post.

I banged on about this song a little while back…. Was talking on the weekend to a young brother & sister well by young in their early 20’s…

AntWho, the song came on the radio and they sang along with the key bits, and I asked do you know what this song and the vid is about… they did not so I explained they watched the vid on their phones and the girl burst into tears.

Just for those that don’t know this is one of the best anti war, anti army, anti occupation, they then found a Arab I think a Palestinian in Jordan  doing a reaction and he was in tears also.

The song opens with the slum scene being set, the signing young children being radicalised and as the song moves it screams in the heads of the army and the IRA they see crying and death.. The song then traces the beginnings and ends with a British soldier shooting and killing a young boy.

The Cranberries are Irish and were performing in London when an IRA bomb killed two young boys, the went back and wrote this song in 1994. In 1998 the Good Friday accord was reached and the war stopped. Many give this song much credit for making people stop and think.

It’s a combination of the vid, the music and the lyrics but is one hell of a song if you understand the back story.




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4 minutes ago, wendybr said:

Very sad for Eddie Van Halen. Sounds like a horrible way to go. :(

Too much gin over the years, maybe?



Their first two albums were in 78 and 79 so far ahead of the time, took another 5 years for people to catch up 

I did see them live in about ‘84 

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