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Music Thread 4


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Blind Willie Johnson, made this song around 1928, blind, homeless ... the song "Dark is the Night, Cold is the ground"

Considered by many one of the greats of the Blues especially Gospel music, he was a lay preacher as well..

His slide guitar, rhythm and methods has been copied by many.. Considered one of the pioneers of the Blues.. 

Enjoy from around 1927 / 28



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Alan Parsons was an engineer on The Beatles Abbey Road and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon albums and was the producer for Al Stewart's Year of the Cat and Time Passages albums. Wonderful and underated talent. Live in Colombia with backing of the local Orchestra.

The Eye in the Sky Album was largely influenced by George Orwell 1984 which is obvious when one listens to the words.



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Today I learnt that in 1968 Gene Vincent tried to kill Gary Glitter.

I can't decide if that means I like Gene Vincent even more, or maybe less because he missed with his gunshot. I think the fact Vincent literally kicked his arse as he fled the hotel room is enough to seal the deal.




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