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Music Thread 4


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One of the reasons his writing just sold for 400 million Australian ... remember he still holds the rights to his versions and many songs recorded to date...

Not one of her better known songs... but a great example of the """Street Poet """ 

Enjoy its long ... but if inclined tis worth it ... if you have never heard Dylan just listen to say the first minute of this song and you may start to understand .. 


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Christmas song from the Radio Ayresome days, always played at either the Boxing Day game of around that time if away - Christmas, about a football game and peace..

Remember boy that your forefathers died Lost in millions for a country's pride But they never mention the trenches of Belgium When they stopped fighting and they were one.

A spirit stronger than war was at work that night December 1914 cold, clear and bright Countries' borders were right out of sight When they joined together and decided not to fight.....


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