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Music Thread 4


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This makes me both happy and sad ... happy because its a really gentle Aussie Hippe song for peace and love...

Sad because many modern songs are full of anger ....

I was 15 when this song came out and its such a happy, gentle song with a great message by a very decent man who passed away not so long ago.... 

Listen and enjoy if you have never heard this song its from a time the world looked different to our world today.... enjoy...


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5 hours ago, MathyouWSW said:

I got a feeling they are done.

Management confirmed they're done. 28 years is a good run. Prefer them to call it quits than tarnish a legacy.

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When I first saw the name of the group I got confused by a similar name band from late 60's called the  Rubettes 

AnyWho the Rubettes biggest hit and claim to fame was the high pitched voice of the lead singer... and hhhhmmmm kinda clam clothes and making fun of other bands moves... almost worth watching for the band crazy moves at times.... they had fun making this

Enjoy the Rubettes .... BTW very much enjoyed the Rubens ...


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Arguably the biggest "One hit Wonder" song of all time.... also one of the most influential songs of its time... quite a few vids of this up loaded this is one of my favs... as most of the pictures are in black and white which is how reporting and news articles were published at the time... a hippe classic if there ever was such a thing...


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