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Western Sydney Wanderers vs Sydney FC 26/10/2019 7:30PM

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6 minutes ago, Neverbloom said:

that match was insane, we deserved a 1-7 loss tbh :P

yeah could have lost by a hat full, but the football gods were definatley on our side tonight, some balancing up on the scales by god's team tonight "they've had 3 **** seasons down Olympic park, we'll look away a few times tonight"

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We weren't great but still  won. Our goal was an absolute cracker....we were right in line with it....wow.....great pass DG....perfect finish MDuke. We will improve by heaps in the weeks to come....Lopar....what a beast.....Schwegler, Jurman, Mcgowan put in a shift to hold them out.

 We win our first derby at Parra Mk2.  Grant is a twat.

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9 minutes ago, tardotz said:

I was concerned when Baumjohann came off.....ESFC looked so much better.

I was running #BaumjohannBingo on twitter & two of my followers, including Nathan aka @pseudonym almost got the exact minute...they picked 71st & he was outta there on the 72nd. 

Did nothing special again except fall over a few times.

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5 minutes ago, Horus said:

Speed is poor, Slater is a disgrace

We are trying to improve the quality of the comp on and off the pitch, time Fox got their **** in shape, Slater has always been a chunt.

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25 minutes ago, Davo said:

We were still in the stands after the game and saw him trot out with a ball and a cameraman and thought here we go, speaking more robbish.

Not a slater fan but to be fair he said the ball may have spun in near the post but when the keeper picked it up even though you can see a grass gap from distance when you look from above it wasn’t over the line . 

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11 minutes ago, Jefski said:

Just returned from tha game and watched the recording of the post match show and I'm quite surprised with Brosque. He's still a fnckwit bit not as big a fnckwit as I first thought.

Put Vedran between the sticks and Brosque pulling the strings again for ESFC they win tonight 3 - 1. Thankfully they have both ****ed off.

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Second or third to most balls, no movement off the ball when in attack (except for once or twice, which included a fantastic goal) and the ‘keeper was left exposed multiple times. But, we won 1-0. There’s still a lot to do, but like everyone I will take the win.

Also, it’s great to finally see a no-bulls**t, pragmatic, even-handed referee in the A-League. I was beginning to think the A-League would continue to suffer through poor to mediocre officiating for years to come, but bringing in an overseas referee for the season was the way to go (if only we were enlightened enough to use some of the no-nonsense referees from the W-League... Maybe one day).

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