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Western United vs Western Sydney Wanderers 9/11/2019 7:30PM

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3 minutes ago, Pup55 said:

I walked the stadium twice trying to find the ticket office pre-game and saw the same 2 people that were taken out of the march walking with 3 police back toward the away fans gate. At that stage (10-15 mins after they were first stopped), everything looked ok.

They have an order to leave and are on their way home. 

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Lol did you hear one of the players say “just tell us”

I’ve said this a zillion times - just give the man in the booth a time limit to determine if an OBVIOUS error was made. All this listening on an earpiece and running over to a little screen is embarrassing.

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3 minutes ago, sonar said:

You can't say the whole ball has crossed the line. No way to tell for sure. Bullshit if they give it.

You can't tell for sure without the goal line technology...but it did look over.

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What a farce. The VAR incorrectly puts the measuring line on the middle of the goal line rather than the back, then doesn’t make the decision like he would for offside with the same tool but calls the referee over, then the referee looks at the line that the VAR applied (incorrectly) which shows a goal so he rules no goal.

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That’s what happens when your CB is rusty. Totally wrongfooted. Mind you, was a totally fluke turn by Appia, the one time in a hundred he’d actually pull that off. I think he was just trying to trap it and the fact it gave him space was just luck.

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