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NSW NPL Discussion 2020

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Football NSW have declared all leagues for next season

for Men’s competitions, there are 4 divisions each of 12 teams. 

Wanderers remain in NPL2.

Newcastle Jets have left Northern NSW and applied successfully to join the Football NSW competition and start in NPL4. The following clubs are no longer in NPL NSW: Balmain Tigers FC, FC Gazy Auburn, Hurstville City Minotaurs and Western Condors FC 

the club championship will no longer be used for promotion/relegation.


NPL Boys Youth is in 2 divisions of 24.

NPL Boys 1 linked to NPL1 & NPL2 men’s teams.

NPL Boys 2 linked to NPL3 & NPL4 men’s teams

decoupling of the Boys youth and men’s is supposed to happen for the 2021 season when the competition is supposed to split into 4 divisions of 12 teams also.


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Football NSW has released all its draws for 2020. 

Opening round is against Hill United at Sydney United Sports centre (Still the NPL home ground on the 7th March)

NPL Youth is split into 2 groups. Change to competition after 11 rounds.


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