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AFC Champions League 2020


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11 minutes ago, wendybr said:


Bad for Australian football imo.



Sorry Wendy.


Any other A-league team playing tonight, I would agree with you. I WOULD SUPPORT THEM TO THE HILT.

When it is ESFC, it's a LOL from me.


It's even funnier because of all the big talk before the game from the East side of this city.

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This is what we've spoken about here (and to recognise some of what Babbel has said).  A League teams are far behind other leagues in terms of technical ability, speed on and off the ball, ability to pass the ball to their own team, defend, move ball quickly and tactics.

We are so far behind J League in technical quality and trying to outplay them on those terms will never work.  When we won, WSW played to our strengths and defended in a block with quick counter attacks, and rode our luck.  We were pretty impregnable when we got going - wasn't pretty or technical just hard work and lots of grunt - what we should be doing now!!

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3 minutes ago, tardotz said:

Let them get smashed at least when they smash us we can remind them of this game 😂

How bad does it make us then?

How inferior does it make the A League?



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1 minute ago, Wanderboy said:

They will forever envy us for what we achieved that they never will.


It's a distant memory.

I'd personally exchange it for a competitive team now.

I honestly would. -_-

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Just now, mack said:

What's the point of having a competitive team if not for winning trophies when you have one?


What's the point of having had a competitive team that's now a distant memory?

It makes the contrast of then and now more painful.

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3 minutes ago, wendybr said:

How bad does it make us then?

How inferior does it make the A League?



Unfortunately we are bad compared to Sydney and the A league is bad compared to the J and K leagues.

We are in our little bubble here and this is when we really get a reality check of our level.

As others here have said when we won the ACL we were not the most tactical or skillful team, we had gritt (& luck). 

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4 minutes ago, papersun said:

The truth hurts.


3 minutes ago, wendybr said:

Yeah...but who needs our noses rubbed in it. ;)

Plus it just  gives the Eurosnobs more reason to scorn the A League.


Nope...I get no joy from seeing any Aussie team being humiliated.

This is horrible.

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