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FFA Thread 2: James Johnson's Football Emporium (Sponsors Required)


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39 minutes ago, Generator said:

How many nails can be hammered into the coffin before we all just give up?

To be honest, I think it has more to do with Nike to be honest, I really liked the Nike Matilda’s kit but most of the kits in the last few years have been rubbish.

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“In an environment when women’s football is at the centre of Football Australia’s post COVID-19 recovery the outcome of this vote is both a personal blow and a blow to other women who aspire to be leaders in our sport and to effect change for the good of the game."

Just because you're a woman (or man for that matter) doesn't automatically make you the better candidate. Bonita M. contributed much more to the sport.... 

Maybe if you weren't such a vindictive b*&#@ !!!!   Rejoice Alen S. + Stefan K.


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I like how the article describes people wanting Reid to get sacked after her half-dozen FFA code of conduct breaches after pushing out Stajcic as a "smear campaign" then two lines later it reminds everyone that she got sued for her comments and had to apologise to him for it.

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Tracy Holmes, is one of the people HR told things too and was one of the key people with articles that lead to Staj being sacked....

That she still brings up the two reports in the article which indicates HR was correct is an example of look at who writes the article ... at least Lucy at SBS has kinda admitted she got it wrong.... 

Its also portrayed as men want women out as well...

I would love the full story to come out about what happen ...


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