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Markus Babbel Sacked

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The Western Sydney Wanderers have sacked manager Markus Babbel following the club's 1-0 loss to Perth Glory.

A dismal set of results has seen the Western Sydney Wanderers part ways with German coach Markus Babbel, the last few results of a 2-0 loss to Wellington and a 1-0 loss at home to Perth the straws that broke the camel's back.

After last season's failure to make the finals series, along with the return to Parramatta there was high expectation for this A-League season. They have not been met. With the Wanderers winning the first three games of the season in a not too convincing fashion, the side quickly collapsed into a black hole with a 7 game win-less run that included losing 5 games in a row. Rumours of feuds within the coaching staff, ex-players slating the club's management for their treatment of players, and ongoing grudges with A-League officials all coalesced into making Babbel's continued presence at the club untenable.

Babbel's time at the club resulted in an extremely poor sub 25% win-rate, and with little improvement on the horizon the club took action and relieved the German of his duties. While Babbel was a charismatic figure, and rebuilt the squad in the post-Gombau era the results on the field were not up to the standard required from the owners of the club and it's supporters. His best signing has been Swiss goalkeeper Daniel Lopar, but a lack of cutting edge has been marked by the total failure of expensive marquee striker Alexander Meier despite his pedigree as a former German Bundesliga golden boot winner. Meier departed and was replaced by Irish international Simon Cox, however the new striker will be leading the line with a new manager taking control for their game against Gosford.

No successor has been named at this time, although rumours swirled earlier in the season that ex-Melbourne Victory coach Kevin Muscat would take the Wanderers hot seat despite his being linked to a top flight job in Western Europe, wild stories of Graham Arnold quitting the Australian national team and even the return to Australia of legendary coach Guus Hiddink all named.

Assistant coach Jean-Paul de Marigny has been named the interim manager.

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honestly kinda called it in another post that Jean would be our new coach(in this post)

1 hour ago, Neverbloom said:

i sometimes wonder if we gave Jean-Paul de Marigny the rest of the season as a trial what would happen, honestly couldnt hurt imo but all we know about him is he likes to attack sydney fc players which is a massive plus :P or he could be a caretaker coach till we find someone and at least we dont have to rush finding someone if we do that

that said not rushing doesnt mean its going to be successful


he pretty much looks like Babbel too.......so maybe he has been our coach for weeks pretending to be Babbel

happy about our assistant coach

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3 minutes ago, wanderersfanatic said:

Club should have also sacked JP. 

kinda agree but while i dont like him willing to give him a shot at least until we find another coach, we know almost nothing about him as a coach so its difficult to judge, yes we heard stuff from the media but we dont know how true that is

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1 minute ago, matty said:

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt until I hear there's an issue with him, from a reputable source

this, i doubt we really know anything about him and its unfair to judge him from those media reports

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1 minute ago, Unlimited said:

Who will be the better caretaker?

Hayden Foxe or JP de Marigny?

I reckon Foxe. It was JP’s job to inform Babbel of the standard of the league and the lay of the land. I don’t expect a magical change of fortune since JP apparently ran most of the training sessions anyway.

Yeah that doesn't fill me with excitement for any changes. 

On an aside, good to see the club continuing to bring ex players through the ranks

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4 minutes ago, Dugongs said:

I’ve been super critical of Babbel for his coaching ability. To be fair to him though, it takes some balls to front up to the media like he did before and after the game yesterday. He seems like a thoroughly decent human being, it’s just a shame he showed next to no coaching ability at the Wanderers.

This next appointment is absolutely crucial. The board has to get it right, we’ve been **** for too many seasons now.

i feel sorry for the guy and i wish it worked out for him, seems like a nice guy and i respect how he got a wanderers tattoo but it must not be fun for him, i really wish him the best in the future


apparently there is a press conference at 1 PM

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The thing that makes me nervous with caretaker coaches stepping in, who were previously the assistant......

If the players would not "get-up" for the head coach, but all of a sudden play like world beaters for the 2IC and show a bit of pride for the club, then what kind of culture is at the joint that they are deliberately not putting in to get the coach sacked?

Do not like this at all, no matter what way it plays out.

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6 minutes ago, Pup55 said:

I have a sick feeling about JP being our main man.

Don't like it one bit.

I can't see him getting the job full time unless Lederer is completely out of ideas. Barring a miracle the season is stuffed and interim manages rarely do enough to get the job full time.

Might be case of enough rope and not throwing Haliti in the deep end completely.

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I was in the Babbel In camp, I had faith in him to turn our side around, we saw some improvements but I honestly think that the injury Majewski screwed up his plans for the season, trying to scramble to find a replacement, we got results in the first 3 rounds, we felt we played our grand final against the smurfs in rd 3 and we won, since then its been a massive slide.

Its disappointing how things have turned out for Babbel, the VAR decisions didn't help him at all and you can tell after the decisions were going against us, our team were flat. I had doubts about Meier but I was willing to give him a chance because he is a talented footballer but he just never got fit and wasn't able to find the physicality of the A-League.

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3 minutes ago, Neverbloom said:

David on fox sports says JP is a good guy and says we should go for Popa or someone from the west

I watched Popa's interview on fox last night, he looked like he really missed the joint, but I don't think he will want to come back under the current regime, he seems to enjoy more freedom and control at Perth.

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1 minute ago, SBW said:

I watched Popa's interview on fox last night, he looked like he really missed the joint, but I don't think he will want to come back under the current regime, he seems to enjoy more freedom and control at Perth.

honestly i cant imagine popa coming back, seems like the kind of guy who wants to move on to new things and not go back to the past, i dont know him that well though, i do like how David said good things about JP though because i am worried he is not an ideal person and that somewhat makes me feel a bit more confident :P but honestly we had spider as a goalkeeper coach and everyone know's how dodgy of a person he was(that said goalkeeper coach is obviously not nearly as important as head coach)

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The only saving grace for JP is that he apparently tried to undermine Babbel. Treacherous yes, but the thought crossed my mind once or twice in the last few months.

Plus if he was trying to undermine him to get the top job....he did it. I like a manager he sets goals and achieves them ;)

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Who is making these decisions? Is it JP running the football side of the club or is it the owners?

Lots of people calling for JP to be cleared out, but unless he is making the football decisions then it isn’t on him. Is it the case that Lederer is the one making the decisions? Or is it the case that Lederer is just the public face of the 4 other owners & they are making the decisions together?

12 minutes ago, Neverbloom said:

feel sorry for the guy and i wish it worked out for him, seems like a nice guy


6 minutes ago, SBW said:

was in the Babbel In camp

Me too, I thought he was the perfect personality we needed. Off the pitch & media wise perfect but unfortunately he wasn’t able to manage this group of players. Tactically he seemed to be from a different era, one where you sent out the players & they won it for you (much in the mould of wenger). Unfortunately the game has evolved to the club having an identity, a way of playing, game specific plans, team specific plans & individuals given instructions & options on what to do. It seems like this was not Babbel’s modus operandi.

23 minutes ago, matty said:

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt until I hear there's an issue with him, from a reputable source

I’m with you here but I am concerned about what that hack journalist said as it seemed to imply that JPdm was running the show. He is pathetic but at times there isn’t smoke without fire? I just hope that things don’t implode the same way that happened once Popa left.

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Anyone else a bit concerned with Lederer's comments regarding the players? Apparently we have an excellent squad and he has total faith in them. Well I reckon we have a squad lacking in depth and creativity, but that's just me.

Starting to think what Lederer knows about football you could write on the back of a postage stamp and still have room for The Gettysburg Address.  

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