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Markus Babbel Sacked

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16 minutes ago, mack said:

I can't see him getting the job full time unless Lederer is completely out of ideas. Barring a miracle the season is stuffed and interim manages rarely do enough to get the job full time.

Might be case of enough rope and not throwing Haliti in the deep end completely.

I hope we have a successor lined up quickly because it would be best for them to have the rest of the season with the players to figure out what's needed for next season. 

Dust off those diary notes from the Euro trip Lederer!

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1 minute ago, beatsurrender said:

Anyone else a bit concerned with Lederer's comments regarding the players? Apparently we have an excellent squad and he has total faith in them. Well I reckon we have a squad lacking in depth and creativity, but that's just me.

Starting to think what Lederer knows about football you could write on the back of a postage stamp and still have room for The Gettysburg Address.  

The Gettysburg Address is quite short. Only 272 words btw :)

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7 minutes ago, Upthehill said:

I'd take Popa at the drop of a hat. But the frothing masses will eat him alive if he came back. Won't happen

honestly agreed, yes he did leave us in a shitty position and sadly since then we have never recovered but it was years ago


2 minutes ago, Wanderingbeersclub said:

Who's David?


i kinda forgot how to spell his last name so that is why i didnt post his full name........eventually found him, didnt want to butcher his last name

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5 minutes ago, Wanderingbeersclub said:

The only saving grace for JP is that he apparently tried to undermine Babbel. Treacherous yes, but the thought crossed my mind once or twice in the last few months.

Plus if he was trying to undermine him to get the top job....he did it. I like a manager he sets goals and achieves them ;)

i am not sure how much i trust those reports though, i mean they could be true but they could easily be fake too

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4 minutes ago, Prydzopolis said:

I’m with you here but I am concerned about what that hack journalist said as it seemed to imply that JPdm was running the show. He is pathetic but at times there isn’t smoke without fire? I just hope that things don’t implode the same way that happened once Popa left.

Too late. They already have  !

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2 minutes ago, Prydzopolis said:

You’re right, Babbel could have left without saying anything. He also could have leaked to the media everything that was going on behind the scenes & who are the people to blame. Could have blown up the rest of the season if he wanted.

Instead he goes out & says that, then somehow the club are to blame for the manager wanting to go out in the right way? I mean :unknw:


The club can't win no matter what they do it seems.

Things were obviously not working, the players had been complaining (allegedly) about a lack of tactics and this all falls on the manager. JP may well have been preparing the team but it would have been on Babbel's instruction in terms of the way he wanted to set up, play etc.

Time to see what JP is made of now and whether he has anything different to offer.....

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37 minutes ago, Prydzopolis said:

Me too, I thought he was the perfect personality we needed. Off the pitch & media wise perfect but unfortunately he wasn’t able to manage this group of players. Tactically he seemed to be from a different era, one where you sent out the players & they won it for you (much in the mould of wenger). Unfortunately the game has evolved to the club having an identity, a way of playing, game specific plans, team specific plans & individuals given instructions & options on what to do. It seems like this was not Babbel’s modus operandi.

I am wondering about players and coaches form higher level leagues in A League.  I am really trying to think about how many players from the very top leagues (and coaches) have actually made it here?  Most of the players that have excelled have been from lower leagues where there is more grunt and less technical ability.

It seems to me that players and coaches who are used to high levels of technical play (as opposed to physical and more kick and run that we see in A League - even last night where Reddy kicked as long as possible for them to run onto) don't get A League adn find it hard to come down to a different level of football - it is a big change to make.  I kind of wonder whether Babbel still overrated his players - especially the locals - expecting them to be able to hold to a higher technical style, reading the game and responding, understanding a tactical strategy that is more technical than our lot are used to.

I cannot believe that he has no clue about tactics.  I wonder if it is more that he (like some of the players from higher leagues) aren't able to adjust to a very different and probably much lower technical style that is more physical and grunt?

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27 minutes ago, 1988banana said:

U kno this club is run by clowns , when they sack a manager then make him a farewell video 🤦‍♂️




Im not sure we should be Lederer out. The guys writing big cheques for us, we shouldn't complain, we could end up with a Mike whats his face from CCM instead.


Just sayin'

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