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Duke Wins Kogarah Derby!

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8 hours ago, Taurus said:

Have a listen. Jaush explains it rather well 

|| ATB Special || 822 - Derby CopWatch Unsavoury scenes took hold of what should have been celebrations after the Wanderers won their second derby this season. We discuss what happened and what lead to such a situation. #WSW
10:14 AM · Mar 2, 2020·Twitter Web Client


Thank you for this now everything makes sense. Watching from Tv you only see the flares so you auto assume that was the reason because cops have to be heroes.

But mentioning that there was tension well before the game started like the delays getting into the stadium, the fact Tass had to talk to the cops to move away from their warm area, the fact that there were that many people crammed into one area and both sets of fans walking towards the bathroom I mean this is logistical mess.

And also comparing this scenario to the infamous pepper spray case against Perth all those years ago at Parra. I was at that game with my other half and her family who are NRL supporters (converted to Wanderers) and yes absolutely it was intermediating and the cops just treated every Wanderers fans as 'grubs' and 'rioters' and I remember the outcry after that match that changed everything for our home games.

Years later and we have the same s*** happening at a derby of all places the cops are lucky it didn't get worst from their stupidity in crowd control and management. Not the first time of course this has happened at Kogorah with A-league fans clashing with police I just wish there was a better place to voice this because the media are not really any help. there was a small mention on foxsports podcast with Simon Hill Ranting about the cops/security being stupid with their tactics as another game Roar vs City was also affected by over security.

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Yeah the parallels are there with that Perth Game. I wasn't at Kogarah but

-> incident in the terrace and  police charge in and swinging

-> exodus to outside

-> riot tactics deployed.

In both cases you have not normal police there.

But in this one, you have a much bigger logistics issue (streets, single entry station, no way to seperate people within the ground). The solution the police have taken in this case is premeditated intimidation, as opposed to reactive.

Just WHY these guys are there in the first place is the big question for me. Unfortunately what happened will be used as justification for next time, even though they are the cause - that won't change.

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2 hours ago, StringerBellend said:

So the old ‘Tards banners that sydney seemed to love against Victory are they uniting? 

Bunch of hypocritical Kopite-lite nobs 

Nobs or knobs?

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6 hours ago, StringerBellend said:

For me in that context nob


Door knob


I asked because I've always thought that knob is the word to be used in the context I believe you are using.

Never mind back to football.

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