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Armageddon Thread

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3 hours ago, wendybr said:

There is a fundamentally different way of thinking, and of relating to the world and other people, that aligns strongly to peoples' political views. That's  what I've always thought, but it's one thing this pandemic so clearly highlights. 

"My right to do what I want to do", as opposed to "I'm prepared to put myself out for the common good".

It's unfathomable to me that mask wearing is a political issue.

Liberal politicians are either too stupid to think they make  difference, or too gutless to tell the populace to do something they know many of their supporters will resent.


Hard to argue with this...

Can I provide a small but very very very very local example i.e. local to were I live on the Central Coast...

There is a ferry service that runs from Palm Beach to Gosford... the major use of the Ferry is at Ettalong & Wagstaffe [Wagstaffe is across the water from Ettalong] it also stops at Woy Woy & Gosford.

Every day 100's of people for work  from around, Woy Woy, Umina, Wagstaffe & Ettalong catch the ferry to Palm Beach for work, at Palm Beach they catch a bus down the Norther Beaches areas to work across a wide range of jobs from retailers, tradeies, small business owners etc...

The ferry is often packed especially in the morning and afternoon peak times...

Some of the staff at the club with the break out live on the Coast and catch the bus to the ferry and then the ferry back to the Coast...

We are a small community across Woy Woy, Ettalong & Umina ... but the lack of musk wearing in the crowded ferry greatly increases the risk of entry into our part of the Coast ... 

Why we can't say on public transport you need to wear a musk ... hand on heart not the other thing I don't think anyone would complain...

As a side not a lady returning from work at Wagstaffe seems to have caught the virus on the ferry ...



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Just so you can see the size of the ferry a couple of imagines at Ettalong and bear in mind this is not the only ferry... it happens to be the ferry that goes to Palm Beach...

Fantasea Palm Beach Ferries: UPDATED 2020 All You Need to Know Before You  Go (with PHOTOS)


Palm Beach Ferry | Palm Beach - Ettalong | iCentralCoast

Another PB ferry taken at Ettalong


Passenger boarding Palm Beach to Ettalong Beach ferry Ettalong Stock Photo  - Alamy

Palm Beach Whalf

Palm Beach Wharf sunset photo SYD1281 – Gusha

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3 hours ago, marron said:

I'm also "enjoying" these rumours floating around that patient zero may well have been given an exemption by the government because, I don't know, they had some links to an organisation favoured by liberal heavies.

The statement a few days ago was "no-one from the Northern Beaches was given an exemption".

I mean, the idea that the Northern Beaches people never leave has some degree of truth :P but according to the government it's impossible for someone without an address there to have visited.

Who knows the truth, but, that's a pretty weak defence of the question....



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I haven't followed this closely....but Dr Kerry? Chant was referring to a woman who came in from LA as the person whose genomic profile for the virus matches most closely the NB outbreak.

But she said they don't know the next link.

The Dr mentioned a medical visit, and that her contacts had all been tested etc.

So...is the rumour that some celeb, given an exemption is the source ??

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Tweet (Translated) Written by Claudio Marchismo 

For all the empty seats at the table that weigh like boulders. For all the hugs we will no longer receive. For the last kisses we couldn't give. Because everything is different, but the important things always remain the same. A Merry Christmas to all

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I doubt there is many people from the affluent Avalon on this forum 

they should have stuck tanks on the spit bridge stopping them spreading 😛

this is how Melb starting a pocket here 

pocket there 

then few weeks later your in the hundreds 

enjoy the game tonight might be last one for a while 

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1 hour ago, wendybr said:

Not heading in the right direction here, I don't think!


There is just as much if not more covid outside of the Northern Beaches lockdown areas now I would think.

I honestly don't think the weather is helping. Strong UV and heat has been known to help slow the spread, bloody cold, wet and cloudy for a week now. Outdoors (in appropriate numbers) is best and healthy, this weather is keeping people indoors more.

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28 minutes ago, marron said:

Yep. Good thing the Gov is urging people to sort of maybe go or not. 

They're not saying a word about our game, that I've heard.

And Gladys is trying to sound confident that potentially having 10s of thousands at the Cricket under "Covid safe" practises is OK, whilst imposing a 5 person limit in peoples' homes fron midnight tonight.

I don't buy it.

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I notice people on the smh site jumping up and down asking for the vaccine to roll out here now as a matter of urgency. As far as I am aware Australia does not have access to it, and won't in any great number until March at the earliest. 

The health minister saying Australia is in a great position as we can see how the vaccine goes overseas or that Australian testing standards have not been met is bullshyte.

If the vaccine was available here that is being rolled out in the UK or USA it would be started now. The standards thing or seeing how it goes elsewhere is convenient bullshyte when it is not available here anyway. 

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Greg Hunt suggested the rollout could be brought forward, maybe to Feb,  last I heard.

Said something like"I would rather under promise and over deliver"

The Feds were slow off the mark with this, I think.

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10 minutes ago, wendybr said:

They're not saying a word about our game, that I've heard.

And Gladys is trying to sound confident that potentially having 10s of thousands at the Cricket under "Covid safe" practises is OK, whilst imposing a 5 person limit in peoples' homes fron midnight tonight.

I don't buy it.

Its the A League, Gladys (and most of Sydney) won't even realise it is on until after the game. 

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.... and there's a positive case in Katoomba.

No talk of that in the presser of course, I mean it's all isolated and under control and everything except that one family in croydon of course. I wondered about the numbers today, what was it 18, 9 linked to the avalon cluster, 6 in croydon, k thx bai.

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Just now, marron said:

Yeah I guess it must have, although usually the presser gives the updated numbers even so.

Yes they do announce those latest cases, and say they will include them in the following day's count.

It's quite strange it wasn't mentioned.

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Yeah, especially in a pharmacy.

Hopefully hasn't gone any further.

Haven't been to K-town since before Christmas, went to the Avalon for dinner, wanted to get a Corona but they didn't have it on the menu :lol:

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3 minutes ago, Smoggy said:

Its bad anywhere of course, but so many older people and care homes in the mountains...its a worry.

The fact that this latest outbreak hasn't got into the aged care sector is a mercy....so far.

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