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Central Coast Mariners vs Western Sydney Wanderers 27/7/2020 7:35PM

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3 minutes ago, Unlimited said:

Tate Russell ripping it up on the right

Or is Oar not a LB?

Oar is a converted winger. I don't think he's ever really been that good as a fullback, but this is the A-League and he is at the Mariners who can't really afford a real one.

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So earlier in the game a WSW player got taken out by a sliding challenge and Speed whinges about how that shouldn't be a foul or yellow. Duke does the exact same thing 20 minutes later and he complains it wasn't a red card. The sooner that idiot gets booted off the A-League coverage the better.

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2 minutes ago, THEWANDERERSPOST said:

Jeez that was lucky

Looked bad, but actually a good decision from Beath. Duke caught Gordon with his grounded leg.

Match should heat up though because looks like CCM wanted red

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The Mariners are utterly terrible. The only threats they have are blocking the keeper with 6 players from corners and a player they stole from us that any other club in the world would have been able to sign to a long contract as a youth player and not be forced to see him leave.

That it's still 0-0 is more an indication of how terrible our garbage formation is than the Mariners football ability.

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