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Western Sydney Wanderers vs Melbourne Victory 12/08/2020 8:10PM

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46 minutes ago, Smoggy said:

It's true...and just to date stamp this with something you will know..it was the very day Take That split up...it came on the radio half way down the A1 :cry:poor Gary...


All I  remember about Take That is the name. Beyond that I don't know who they are or anything about them.

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12 hours ago, Keithie said:

I will attend on Wednesday, of 7 of us in the group 5 have had enough and want all 7 to join Macarthur we are all South West Sydney some originally Marconi players then supporters.

WSW has offered no value and the decision making by the club over the last 3 years does not show signs of improving (Lederers comments)




You can never be a good sailor, few trips in rough sees and you call it quiet. 

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Saying I don't care the whole day before match day.... Then turning the game on My football app 1-0 Wanderers losing


Me: - insert censored profanity- 

Wife: I thought you didn't care

Me: I do care it just makes it hurt less if I say it

I then proceed to watch the 90 minutes in the faint hope we come back. Point is things are s*** now but won't be forever... hopefully. Last game of the season a few farewells and last look at who we should be keeping. Thanks to COVID and the previous debacles we will be in this rut for a while

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Mintoff , it is a fair weather sailor mate  :rolleyes: and yes quitting when the seas get a little rough is not right but after 4 years off 100ft swells I have finally got sea sick and am selling the boat,  as I said earlier enough is enough 

But I will be there tonight in the Western Stand hoping that the Wanderers can put on a good show.

Watching a crap WSW game still far out weights 90 percent of the reality shows on TV including the Bachelor you have a problem Unlimited :)



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jockman  did you read what you are quoting ;)

"You can never be a good sailor, few trips in rough sees and you call it quiet"

"You can never be a fair weather sailor , few trips on rough seas and you call it quits"

As for the leaking boat why the hell do you think I am selling it, every week it leaks like a sieve , as a matter of fact I think I will give it away and become a neutral and supporter of all teams that Play Sydney FC,  pick the games to attend between Wanderers and MacArthur and dump the season red ticket as there are going to plenty of seats available from both these teams home games.  

There ya go 

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I remember when rain was bucketing down standing on the muddy hill with a fence behind you at Marconi stadium  Marconi Get a suspect penalty with 5 to go against Pan Hellenic .The Greeks with umbrellas turned on us and it was looking grim for awhile until a little greek man about 4 foot tall runs past a  6ft tall copper jumps and knocks his hat off and then jumps the metre high fence onto the pitch and gone over the fence on grand stand side and into the crowd before the copper had pick up his hat meanwhile we are defending our self's against the Greeks with the umbrellas.

Now that was entertainment at the soccer game :) 



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7 minutes ago, Keithie said:

Bit harsh sonar theseeker has feelings ya know !!!!!!!!

I only made what imho is a helpfull suggestion...nothing more.....though it's a bit strange to say your an EX supporter then come on a fan forum and have a whinge about forumites who ARE supporters......:D 

I get you are fed up and had enough.......a lot of fans have tbh...but to your credit you've not dismissed or dissed what others have said even if they don't agree with you..  

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Whats with all the fickle supports these days? I believe we are one of the least plastic clubs in the league but supports like these make the smurfs laugh (I was talking to a mate at work that follows the smurfs and he likes to point that out a lot for some reason lately)


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Yeah I have told him though people forget to remember the past, like some of our supporters forget we have an ACL under our belt, people might be more content if we had a GF win as well but if i had to chose one it would definitely be an ACL. 

I don't support what management has been doing in terms of the last few seasons with recruitment and i have hit up JT and gave him my two cents about how i feel the club is going downhill in terms of on-field performances and recruitment (though this season i think the players we had were decent compared to seasons before this) but I'm not going to stop supporting a club i love and care deeply for just because things aren't going our way (If it was like this for another 6 years then i would prob waver a little tbh)

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I’ve got a choice between assembling an Ikea desk or watching this 

I’ll give the game 20 mins but I have a feeling I’ll be making a grab for the Alan key

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