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Western Sydney Wanderers vs Melbourne Victory 12/08/2020 8:10PM

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Do I rush home or make a pit stop along the way for a burger (and whilst eating ignore the fact I can watch the game on my phone).

Once it would have been a rough decision. Not anymore; burger all the way, baby.

Anyway, hopefully it’s a good game, if just for the sake of the players retiring and/or leaving the club for whatever reason.

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20 minutes ago, mack said:

I've cleaned up some posts for a few different reasons. Let's keep it on topic for the game thanks.

I'll put my hand up and say sorry....:sorry:

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11 minutes ago, Westiesarebesties said:

Ehhhh, drop McGowan for Tass and drop O'Doherty for Sullivan. Come on, how can we keep with the same when they've been such flops

More of the same just give the young guys a start they play forward. 

Lol jurman almost haha

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Pretty happy Schwegler got the goal on his last game.

Now that I’ve said that the dud A-League ref will probably give him a soft second yellow and send him off...

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