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Your favorite football videos...

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So, this thread might turn out to be a dud but anyway......

I've been having a  lazy Saturday afternoon that I have spent scrolling through football videos on YouTube, as one does at this time of year :) . I've watched mostly old Wanderers stuff, Shinji highlights, RBB vids etc......

Anyway, I came across the following  video which I hadn't seen before. It's quite incredible how many times this match can stir the emotions. I was there, and without doubt, it was the most amazing sporting experience of my life. 

So, I thought it a good idea to start this thread up, so others can add their favorite vids on here as well. It can be anything from local park football to fat bastard over 40's lowlights to Premier League to World Cup, or anything in between. This thread has no bounds. (as long as it is football).




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First football I can remember watching clearly,  with Dad, probably a replay the next day, I guess,  on a dreary mountains day not unlike this one.




Can distinctly remember him instructing me on the ways of Cruyff, Total Football, and evil Argentinian dictatorships.

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10 years later, this time, 6am, no longer in the mountains, and  now no need for education, woke up the neighbourhood


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To set the scene to this video. In May 1986 Boro were relegated to to old third division for only the second time in their history. In June 1986 Boro entered administration and by the end of the month the liquidators had been called in and Ayresome Park padlocked, Boro were to be wound up in the courts. It looked a lost cause and in the first week of August the death of Middlesbrough FC (prematurely as it was to turn out) was announced. However, at the 11th hour a consortium lead by Steve Gibson managed to save the club, it was that close a thing that Boro were forced to play their first game at Hartlepool United's ground as Ayresome Pack wouldn't be opened in time. 

Fast forward to May 09th 1987 last game of the season away to Doncaster Rovers. Boro had clinched promotion against all the odds back to the second division with a bunch of local lads, mostly aged under 25. Boro had already clinched promotion via a draw with Wigan in a midweek game but that didn't stop thousands of Boro fans streaming down the A1 to see the last game. 

I remember being at this game vividly. Usually we would get the supporters coach down, or the train. This game we drove down and were surrounded by other cars, and vans with red and white scarfs and the builders tape streaming out of every window. I remember pulling in to a servo station and the back doors to a transit van opening and 15 - 20 Boro lads pouring out lol

This is a long video and so fast forward to the final 7 mins. It looks a bit like hooligans, but it wasn't really, it was all just joy at the end of an incredible season. There are a few premature pitch invasions when they think the ref has blow his whistle, and one fan almost takes the goal kick for the Donny keeper :D Massive pitch invasion from all sides at the end...and I am in there somewhere!

Very happy times - If you want to take a look..zoom to 1:30:00 onwards.



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4 hours ago, MathyouWSW said:

This one:

Enough said.

I have watched that one a lot; looking in vain for myself somewhere just to the right of the big hole there as I somehow found myself several rows away.

Also like this one:




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The day Boro relegated Chelsea to the Championship at Stamford Bridge. In those days the team that made it to the play off final played against the team that finished 3rd bottom in the top division across two legs. The first leg was at Ayresome Park and on a crazy night we won 2-0. The following week (late May bank holiday) we headed down to London for the second leg.

We went down on the train and the minute you got out of the tube you could sense the atmosphere was bad, the decision to go without colours was a very wise one. 

Boro had a few hundred seats allocated in the side stand close to the away fans, this was supposed to be a family friendly paddock. The line separating fans was non existent and as the first half wore on the atmosphere got worse, to the point the Chelsea fans decided it was a good idea to start ripping their own seats out and hurl then at us. They started to gather in ever greater numbers near our section and a decision was taken to evacuate us to the standing away area behind the goal. Wise move as just as we were running out they were running in to take our section, the police had no control of the situation at all.

So now we were packed in behind the goal. The game was tense, Chelsea pulled a goal back and we were overrun for the majority and parked the bus. We held out and the Chelsea fans invaded the pitch and chucked whatever they could at us. It was around 45mins before the Boro could come back out and celebrate with us.



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I have to admit, this goal by Rooney still amazes me: 

I remember screaming at my TV "holy sh*t" multiple times when it happened and my parents are trying to sleep. It's just one of those moments I couldn't believe that happened and also it was the winning goal for Manchester United. 

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how much better was football before sponsorship just look at it.


anyway.... always enjoyed this banger which used to crop up on the world game from week to week in their little montages




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