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A-league 2020/21 Match Week 3

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1 hour ago, wendybr said:

Is this all that can go ahead with the draw as it is?



Yes. The draw is affected by the closure of the WA border to Victorians.

The W-League draw is far worse with only 3 NSW teams, 2 Victorian teams.

Covid-19 will mean multiple midweek games.

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6 minutes ago, wendybr said:

Are they going to reshape the draw...or too soon to know?

I think there are still too many variables. I'd imagine the draw will change every few weeks to accommodate whatever happens with Covid restrictions. No one wants to plan too far in advance.

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20 hours ago, mack said:

Jets game tickets $10 Adult.


But still can't buy any?

Or all sold?

Trying to buy via Jets website - "limited availability", "no tickets available", "on sale date an time are yet to be announced"

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On 03/01/2021 at 8:14 PM, Paul01 said:

08/01 Jets v Wanderers
09/01 Macarthur v Phoenix
10/01 Brisbane v Melb Vic

10th v 11th both on 0 points

5th v 9th BS on 3 points, NX 0 pts

3rd v 12th Roar on 3pts, MV on 0 pts

The table will look very different after this Round.

Newcastle Jets players, according to Fox Football pod, have had their gloom lifted with the ownership change.

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In the SMH live covid stream comments section..right now (06th Jan 6:30)...

"Spectators at tonight's A league match in Parramatta with no one mandated to wear masks"


"How ridiculous"...


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3 minutes ago, Wanderboy said:


We have our flares and railway detonators ready at hand. The cops have no hope.

Just go to the SMH live covid news page and scroll through the comments section..total idiots post in there lol

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9 minutes ago, Wanderboy said:

Have you corrected the misinformation? I went to the page and have to log in. I can't be ****ed.

Can't be arsed either lol

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14 minutes ago, Wanderboy said:

Have you corrected the misinformation? I went to the page and have to log in. I can't be ****ed.

Looks like their are a few confused ones in that comment section.

Just like SMH themselves, if they did a bit of research they would find out what they're saying is completely false and inaccurate. 

Not even a game on tonight, and the one they are referencing isn't even in bloody Parramatta!

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With the win, we are now in the top 6.

Only one more game with the Bullsh1tters vs Phoenix. Here are the permutations

Nix win, we go to 6th position. Nix in 5th, Bullsh1tters out of top 6 

Draw, we go to 6th position. Bullsh1tters to 5th position

Bullsh1tters win, we go to 6th position. Bullsh1tters to 2nd position

Also, WA has put up a hard border with Queensland, Victoria and NSW. Perth may have to relocate east to ensure the integrity of the comp.


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Bullsh1tters starting with both Spaniards and the NPL2 thug Lachlan Rose. 

Rose was constantly using his elbows illegally in their game against us. I hope Lucas gives him a red card.

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Gotta laugh at Speed frantically telling us all about a "new interpretation" of the offside law (where a defender playing the ball, as opposed to a inadvertent deflection or an attempt at a save of a shot, cancels out the 'advantage' of an offside player that becomes an offside foul) when it's actually been in the laws of the game since 2016. Apparently this came from Strebre which makes me feel like the Refs have been using the wrong 'interpretation' of the laws for 5 years now.

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Holding an attacker in the penalty box should be a penalty.

Should of been a pen to the Nix

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