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Newcastle Jets vs Western Sydney Wanderers 8/1/2021 7:05PM

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Just now, mack said:

Robbed. VAR line put on Cox' shoulder instead of his torso. Overturned in 5 seconds as usual when it's WSW scoring. :rolleyes:

Muller did his best to cut Cox out of the play...but couldn’t do much about that.

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1 minute ago, papersun said:

This match seems ridiculously open.

Neither side is particularly interested in defending wide and they're getting isolated with width over the top.

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5 minutes ago, Dugongs said:

100% if that was the jets it would’ve stood. It is absolutely deplorable that KGJ the **** continues to get paid for this ****.

If it was the Smurfs it would off stood.

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1 minute ago, Generator said:

VAR ruled in the Wanderers’ favour. Stranger things have happened.

Harper calls it a pen.

There was no trip.  Yield fell over. No pen

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Shame about Mullers goal being called offside.  Our final third play is still a worry....not clinical enough.  Need to score another I think. Newcastle won't be going away.

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